Thursday, January 10, 2013

Understanding Body Wetness

I was told that in Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) our body is said to be ‘wet’ when our spleen and stomach failed to digest all our foods and turn them into energy. So this partially burnt energy contains moisture. This condition mainly happens to the cold based person; but it may happen to anyone who consumes too much meat or citrus type of fruits.


The symptoms are many:


·         The complexion looks pale and with light swelling. The skin may lack the flexibility if the case is severe.

·         The body feels cold, pain and lethargic.

·         Feeling itchy with red spots on the skin. When the red spots are punctured, clear liquid can be seen came out from the wounds.

·         Bad appetite.

·         Cough with plenty of mucus.

·         Feeling cold.

·         If using cupping method, we can see water vapor produce inside the cups.


The remedies:


·         Reduce eating meat or citrus.

·         Exercise

·         Consume more onion, garlic and ginger.

·         Avoid consuming foods with cold characteristics: water melon, herbal teas, ice creams, oranges etc.

·         Avoid eating too much meat and sea foods.


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