Friday, January 4, 2013

Making Of A Clay Gargoyle

This is a magic ritual of making a thoughtform made to stay in a clay figure such as that of the Thai’s Kumantong.

The procedures of making the gargoyle body are:

1. Create a clay figure of any shape with legs, arms, fingers and face defined.

2. After completion bake or fire it.

3. After it is made and hardened, place it in a capped glass jar.

The procedure for creating its spirit:

1. Use green or brown candle.

2. Place the candle in a ceramic candleholder.

3. Visualize and meditate on it for a few days.

The empowerment:

1. Place the candle into ceramic candle holder and light it.

2. Set the jar with the clay figure next to the candle.

3. Hold your right hand before you until you see a faint glow around your fingers. Allow the glow around your fingers to glow more brightly until you feel that it is strong enough.

4. Give the gargoyle a name. Repeat the name of the gargoyle in your mind as you cup your hands around the candle flame and close your eyes.

5. Chant:

a. “So-and-so, made of my own force of life. From earth and spirit formed by my own hands. Come to life this very hour I bid you. Until your job is done this enchantment stands.”

6. Keep your eyes closed and your hands still, visualize your aura forming a ball of green light around the candle flame, encompassing it. Do not open your eyes.

7. From behind your eyelids at this point, you should be able to see the light of the spirit you are forming.

8. At this point, the spirit is still attached to your own energy, so it must be separated from you.

9. Slowly pull your hands apart and visualize it separating from you and remaining a green ball of light around the candle flame.

10. Reach for the orb with your left hand and pull it away from the flame with your energy, do not touch it and still do not open your eyes.

11. Now, using your right hand gently push it to the mouth of the open jar and push it inside the receptacle.

12. Open your eyes and cup the jar, not letting the spirit escape.

Note: keep in mind what you want the gargoyle to do, calling it by the name and tell it to wait you open the jar to do its job.

The employment

1. When you are ready for the gargoyle to do its bidding for you, wait until dusk then uncap the jar, leaving it near the target of the job.

2. Keep the command in mind for the rest of the night thinking of nothing else.

3. Do not fall asleep, but do not retrieve the gargoyle until morning.

4. After the job is done, destroy it and bury the fragments in the ground far away from your home, releasing its spirit into the earth.

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