Friday, January 4, 2013

Detecting Spirits With A Needle

I was told by my granny that in old times, when people want to buy or rent a house, they will perform a simple ritual to determine if the premise is suitable to stay. This extremely simple ritual makes use of a sewing needle; the only condition is that this needle must have been used in actual sewing before.


Okay. Below is the procedure:


·         Put the sewing needle under direct sun light at noon, i.e. from 11am-1pm. You must repeat the process for 3 consecutive days.

·         Get a new porcelain bowl and fill it with water.

·         Now put the needle onto the surface of the water:

o   If the needle sinks, that means the premise is suitable to be dwelled.

o   If the needle floats, that means there are spirits dwelling the place and would not be advisable to stay.


If one is nosy, then one can follow the movement of the needle to track the movement of the spirits. I have tried this simple technique and found the needle can indeed swing to certain directions and it finally led me to one corner of a store room. Try it and let me know your finding too. Would be a nice game when you are staying in a hotel or some kind of holiday resort!




  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect.
    AS they said,
    "If u cant beat them , join them!"

    I mean...
    If the spirit wont go,
    then how to "exploits" the spirits,
    to our benefit,[ eg. with foods, incense,etc]
    "exploits" the spirits,for more business, better profit margin???
    Thanks in advance.
    Your sincerely.

  2. Hi,

    There are many Taoist rituals that are quite lengthy to say in detail...

    In fact a Taoist will not expell the spirits away but using them for our advantage. But in order to do that, we must be able to control them to do what we want with magic power. That is not a problem for a Taoist.

    For ordinary people however, the simplest form is to set up a "no name" tablet and offer fruits and incense twice daily. But that is only to appease the spirit.

    Tha will also depend on the ability of the spirits, and based on case to case basis. If you care to describe your case in a little detail, then I will take a look.


  3. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am in a small t-shirt business in a failing shopping complex, where only 2 shoplots left out of 38 shoplots!, but manage to survive by 'niche' market, in a small sleepy town....
    I manage to survive because I gave a best service and the best smiles in town, if not in the world! My clients always smiling and laughing when they in my shop, because I become a comedian&clown, clowning around pleasing the clients as I in a circus,[sad..], and giving the best services, that I think I can conduct a "HOW TO HAVE BEST SALEMANSHIP, CLASS", hahaha!...thus the niche market!
    We have a Latuk at the basement parking.
    Please do not ask the town name as I dont want the spirits to read these...[being told and seeing them, ok?]

    [You say,"...the simplest form is to set up a "no name" tablet and offer fruits and incense twice daily.]
    1]What is a "no name" tablet, and how to make/buy it.
    2]The tablet put on alter table, wall, or ON FLOOR?
    3]Date, hour, or need to "kai guang"
    4]Where to place the tablet,[away from customer sight!?]
    THANKS in advance.
    With respect.
    Your sincerely.

    1. Hi,
      I would only comment on the info you gave me:

      1. If the whole shop lot is in a sorry state the best option is to move to a more prosperous area. If not, choose a corner lot (if you have not done so).

      2. For your case, it is best to use the 5 legionnaires army (the 5 army heads u see in the temple).

      3. Preferably, I would want to look at the place and your DOB & time.

      Tell u what, tonight before you sleep, prepare 5 cups of hot tea or rice wine; burn 5 pieces of incense and poke them in your earth god's altar. If not, poke them in front of your shop or house door. Call "Wu Ye" (the head of the 5 legionnaires army). After that pour the tea/rice wine in front of the incense. Tell me if you have any dreams.

      This "Wu Ye" has helped many people to achieve their goals; including the darker side ones. Email me: if you don't want this in public.


  4. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    Thanks for your reply,
    I will try as your advise,

    Thank u so much.
    With respect.
    Your Sincerely.