Monday, January 14, 2013

It is A Little Too Late!

It is really amazing; with simple 8 characters only we can read the whole life of a person we never meet.


This is the life of a businessman, Mr. Lee:


丙戌, 甲午, 辛巳, 甲午


He is now 67 years old and declared bankrupt perhaps last year or so.


His problem lies in his indecisiveness in dealing with his business affairs; on top of this, this gentleman also likes to take up responsibilities that he cannot handle. Coupled with incorporate wife and children; no wonder he failed in almost all of his endeavors.


Mr. Lee is actually a cleaver person who can lead and has many helping hands. He is from a quite well to do family but he is also quite quick tempered and tends to hurt himself. Due to his character that he also has made many enemies in his capacity as a businessman.


I was visited by Mr. Lee some time ago as he want to know if he still can perform and clear all his debts. But as the reading goes, his best time was probably between 11 years old to 50 years old; quite a handsome 40 years of good luck. But Mr. Lee’s life beyond 50 wasn’t that smooth, further he is already 67 years old with plenty of debts. His reading also shows that Mr. Lee will have heart problems beyond 70 years old!


So I can only advise Mr. Lee to rest and watch his own health. After all, I am no God; and magic can only go so far. What Mr. Lee need most, is perhaps faithful prayer to God and not seeking more money to rescue his business.


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