Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leklai Info U May Or May Not Know

It is believed that the round leklai is female while the elongated ones are male. A true leklai feeds on pure honey. Do you believe that the once pure natural golden New Zealand honey turned into dark brown color as shown above over a period of time? Leklai with smooth surface is used to implant into a person's body to bestow invulnerability. Do yo aware that all of the leklai pieces above were taken from a famous senior monk's urn? Only close disciples of this monk can have a share of the above leklai pieces because the soul and blood of the monk are said to have absorbed into these leklai lots.
There are much information about mysterious leklai that has been circulated in the web and forum that you may or may not aware of. I am not expert in leklai, but am only interested in collecting the stories and to share some of my personal experiences:


Leklai can be crushed into powder and made into amulets, or it can be implanted into one’s body but these types of leklai must have smooth surface texture; or leklai can be worshipped in one’s altar. In whatever case, leklai only acts as a lead such as that of the ‘dragon ball’ to a dragon. The more leklai pieces are worshipped and the longer one keeps it; the power is more noticeable.


For example: a true leklai piece can appear in the owner’s dream, or it may make high pitch noise such that of ‘Innnnggg…’, or the spirit of a leklai may show up in the dream as a woman with brown curly hair, dark brown complexion with traditional brown clothing. This spirit may or may not bring the person for a tour but I did dream of a lady with Traditional Thai clothing who brought me to a morning market.


At times, items in my altar may rock or toppled suddenly without any sign. Well, in case you wonder, those items I meant are rock solid items such as the bronze statue of lersi and a wooden chair!


Leklai pieces can be male or female too: the elongated ones are the male while rounded ones are most probably female. When one keeps many leklai pieces in an altar, only one spirit shall come forth. Interesting though, the leklai spirit does not seem to have legs… it seemed to come out from a pool of molten metal.


There are of course many types of leklai, but for me; a true leklai can turn the golden color of a pure New Zealand honey into dark brown in color as shown in the picture above over 1~2 years. It is certainly true that leklai feed on honey, but it also feed on incense smoke, water, flower and foods too. So, if you have a genuine leklai; then please also offer it food and flowers too.


While I can’t be certain that leklai can stop firearms, it can certain provide protection against black magic and mishaps; or at the least, reduce disasters to minimal. Of course, one must first obtain a real piece so to speak.


Authentic leklai pieces are not sold generally in open market, but an arjan or Long Por (senior monk) will divide his collections amongst his most trusted disciples. It is more often that these leklai pieces can only be retrieved from the monk’s death urn after 3 years or so. It is a customary act to keep a senior monk’s body in a big urn for 3 years before the body is being cremated. So, before the monk is being cremated, the leklai pieces are taken out and being divided amongst the senior disciples.


So, chances that if one can purchase leklai in open market with a low price, then these leklai pieces are most probably of questionable quality. It is customary to obtain a leklai piece through temple or charity fund raising activities. It is certainly true that leklai pieces obtained through charity means are more powerful and brings less bad karma to the owner.


Since leklai belongs to item of wild, it brings along negative influences that may affect the well beings of the owner; so prayers should constantly be recited on behalf of the leklai spirits so that the spirit of wild may also accumulate merits and follow the Dharma of Buddha.


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  1. bro, is it true about last paragraph? cause iam vert new with buddha and amulet. last month i rent some leklai for bring it daily as amulet. i use it to remember my bad habit. as i heard it will disappear if i don/t follow of Darma rules...but iam shocking now after read this blog..