Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Haunted Hotel In Ginza (银座鬼旅店)

My friend is a miko or a Shinto witch in Japanese. She once told me that there is a haunted hotel in Ginza that is formerly an abandoned hospital. You will notice it once you are in one of its lifts as the size of the lift is a little ‘oversized’. It is said that these lifts used to transport the sick in and out of operating theatres or to transport the dead to the morgue.


Another friend of mine, Janet who is an air hostess serving one of the renowned airline plying between KL and Tokyo has this to say about this special hotel:


“As my work requires it, I was once put up in this haunted hotel for a week or so due to extremely bad weather. My room was situated at the last room at the end of the 4th floor, my room number was 414. Although I wasn’t superstitious, the number 414 gave me the creeps… You know, 4-14 means “die, sure die” in Cantonese.


Well, my first night in the hotel was quite peaceful except that I thought I heard many footstep sounds in the corridor in the midnight. It didn’t bother me a bit as it was a norm for people to move in and out of the hotel at night due to flight schedule change.


Strange things started to occur the next night. I thought I heard some knocking on my room door, I thought it was my college who wanted to inform me of my flight schedule. So I opened the door and to my surprised that there weren’t anyone there though I did felt a gust of wind blew into the room.


I didn’t give it much thought and return to my bed. The odd thing was that the temperature of my room suddenly dropped to freezing point. There was icy air blowing onto my neck and cheek as if the room window is opened since outside was having snow storm.


At one point I was so agitated that I strived to crack open my eye lids and to my horror, I saw the face of a lady as white as the snow blowing cold air from her mouth towards me…


I was then frozen stiff as if an ice log… my mind went blank but I remembered my late grandma so I tried all effort to squeeze the strength for a shout for life: “Ah Mah! Help me!” I lost consciousness and when I finally woke up, it was already 10am in the morning.


Later in the day, I caught hold a housekeeping maid and asked her if she knew any history of my room. The maid quietly led me to a corner and whisper near my ear: “You know madam, few years back during severe winter such as of now; a lady was frozen to death after being trapped in a snow storm just outside of this hotel. The body of this lady was temporary stored in your room waiting for a coroner. She was quite a beautiful lady but she was frozen solid and that she was as white as the snow outside…”


On hearing that, my heart was frozen icy cold, for that was the lady I saw blowing cold air onto my neck and cheek! I immediately packed up my belongings and rather spent my own money to stay in another hotel just opposite street.”

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