Monday, January 12, 2015

On Magic And Karma (神通与业力)

Buddha had always opposed to the practice of magic. The Blessed One has many times advised his disciples avoid using magic to solve mundane problems. According to the Buddha magic cannot match one’s karmic force (神通不能敌业力). In Buddha’s view, it is best to acknowledge and accept one’s karma fruit than oppose it. One of his foremost disciples, Maudgalyayana (目莲) was renowned of magical power was stoned to death despite his supernatural power.


So in Theravada Buddhist schools, the practice of magic is never mentioned nor practised. This restriction is not so obvious in Tantric Buddhism however. People go to Thailand wanting to learn magic in a Buddhist monastery would be very much disappointed.


At present, I don’t practise magic of any sort but due to some requests, I just tried to help some friends to put things in order. I do have many stories concerning “magic cannot match karmic fruits”. One just happened fairly recently:


About two weeks ago, I received an urgent call from a lady named Fiona who wanted me to drive down to Kampar to look at her house’s Feng Shui. She sounded urgent as according to her 3 of her relatives passed away in 1 year’s time after her back yard collapsed due to unusually heavy rain a year ago. At first I pushed away Fiona’s request due to bad timing: the 3-Kills (三煞) and Year Lord (太岁) mean restriction in travelling.


But after Fiona quoted some names of my close acquaintances, I just had to help. So I drove down to Kampar to meet Fiona. Fiona’s house is situated at the outskirt of Kampar town; she met me near a petrol station and led me to her place as I wasn’t familiar with that area.


When I stepped into Fiona’s house rain poured down heavily outside, I could saw some black shadows sat on the main beam of her house; immediately I knew they were ghosts. At that time, I could have retreated but hated to get wet. So I barged myself in and immediately felt pain in my ears and my head was also very heavy. The pain was excruciating until I dropped onto the floor and roll while moaning in pain.


Fiona was panic; she and her brother subsequently propped me up and escorted me to a chair. After some application of oilmen, my pain subsequently reduced a little. Later, Fiona told me that the same incidents happened to all of Feng Shui masters who visited her house.


I told Fiona what I saw and suggested that the spirits were her deceased relatives and that they weren’t very friendly. It would be best for Fiona to temporary move out of the house or the spirits may harm Fiona and her brothers too.


There were not many things I could do at that time: the place was wet, hence no fire ritual or smoke offerings could be done. My head still felt dizzy with sore ears and throat; so I couldn’t recite any fierce mantras nor could I visualize clearly. Seems at that time I was as helpless as Fiona!


As I was just wondering if I my life journey would end in Kampar, the rain stopped. It was about 6:30pm, the time for my daily puja for Goddess of Light, Marichi. A ray of setting sunlight shined onto my face and I habitually recited the praise to Marichi and her heart mantra.


Almost instantly, my dizzy and heavy head suddenly felt light and there were a sense of relief. I could feel some entity left my body like a breeze. Since Fiona’s house was a 7th period house facing east, it was best to move house for time being. At least she would need to repair her collapsed backyard or Fiona would not have peace in near future.


When I finally returned home, I was sick for 1 whole week. My Rinpoche told me that it was my karmic fruit ripen that blocked all my ritual or magic applications. But it was also due to the praise of Marichi that she came and helped me on time too!


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