Thursday, January 22, 2015

First Experience With Japanese Yurei (首遇日本幽灵记)

My first impression of a Japanese Yurei that possessed a lady was that it is very different from all other spirits that I have seen and know of. For once, the impression I got was that this special Yurei was full of hatred and unlike other spirits that I have seen; it is not so easy to deliver this Yurei to the other side…


The story begins with a friend of mine brought me to see a 26-year old lady who was said to be possessed. When we arrived at the lady’s place, her hubby came out to greet us and the lady just sat in a corner quietly. I almost couldn’t believe that the person I saw was 26 years old as she looked like 50 years old to me!


After talking to the lady’s hubby to understand some background of her possession, we started to communicate with the Yurei. My friend acted as a translator as I don’t speak Japanese:


Me: “Where are you from?”


Yurei: “It is none of your business…”


(It is strange that the voice came directly from inside of the lady as she just kept her eyes and mouth shut. It was quite eerie as in other possession cases the possessed actually open their mouths to speak.)


Me: “If you don’t speak out, I shall cast you out!”


(The Yurei silent for a while and I kept the threatening words… and finally…)


Yurei: “Kamakura…”


(At this point, the lady’s hubby said that the lady was in Kamakura for visiting and they had been to Yagura caves (曼陀罗堂遗迹) for visits.)


Me: "Do you want to go to the other side?"


Yurei: "It is none of your business..."


(She kept repeating her words. So I tried to deliver the Yurei spirit using Phowa.)


Me: "Phat! Phat! Phat! Go now, go!"


(I judged from the lady's expression that the Yurei was resisting going to the other side. I had to use a more forceful manner... So I took out of my bone mala and call upon Yamantaka.. After a while, it seemed that the Yuri that possessed the lady had left and she opened her eyes.)


Me: “How are you doing madam?”


Lady: “Tired…”


Me: “The spirit has just left for now. But for your protection, it is best to find a Shinto priest to perform a ceremony suited to the Yuri’s position.”


Perhaps the Yurei was a person of status and that he had died of violent death. Due to the nature of his death and the shame the Yurei bears during life time; the hatred energy was so immense that it was not ready to be delivered after a long time. In whatever cases, I would need to double or triple my effort to deal with this type of spirits; luckily the ones in SEA are not so bad as most of them only wanted to be delivered…


It was indeed a culture shock dealing with Yurei… Maybe we shall meet in future! In Kamakura perhaps.



  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    This Yurei Spirit....seems to be a quite similar one than that in the Movie "Ju-on: The Grudge" (jap. 呪怨, Juon) least the Lady Spirit in the Movie.


    All this Stories about Asian Lady Spirits who will do "revenge" or "possess" you, are rather "demotivating", if you try to find an asian girlfriend or woman ! LOL

    Thank you !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Hmm... for one thing... Yurei spirits can be dealth with still... But when you are 'stucked' with a girlfriend (before marriage) and a 'monster' (after marriage)... NO amount of exorcism can save you... She will take 50% of your properties... Hahaha!


    2. Dear Mr. Liew !

      Amen, Brother !

      Michael B.

  2. It's probably because Japanese society (since medieval times up until now) is so hierarchical & socially conservative that it breeds really angry & stuck spirits.
    I mean, most of these people never got to do anything that they ever wanted but had to live with all their emotions & desires suppressed.
    In a way, I guess SE Asians are more happy go lucky & relaxed in their everyday lives, so they're less stuck after they die...