Friday, January 30, 2015

Cursed Movies That Killed (被诅咒的电影)

There are some movies believed to be cursed; at least to their actors. For example, the movie ‘Exorcist’ was said to have killed at least 9 peoples. Another movie ‘Poltergeist” also said to have caused some actors to die in tragedies. Other movies in the list are: Superman, Twilight Zone and etc.


Well, those were the movies from the western world. In Hong Kong entertainment circle however, two movies are said to be cursed and caused the death of 3 famous actors: Danny Chan (陈百强), Paul Chung (钟保罗) and Leslie Cheung (张国荣). These two movies are: Encore (喝彩) in 1980 and Trial (失业生) in 1981.


All of the 3 actors had died of unnatural causes:


Paul Chung committed suicide on September 1989 also by jumping off a building purportedly due to his gambling debt. There were some reports of ghost sightings after his death. A teacher who has taken over Paul’s apartment has reported of seeing the image of Paul every time he switched on the TV. This incident has caused quite a commotion in the entertainment circle. Another report was that Paul’s image was seen in a TVB musical special.


Danny Chan was said to have suffered from brain damage and fell into comma after consuming alcohol with medicine in May 1992. He subsequently died in October 1993. He has never regained consciousness.


Leslie Cheung committed suicide on April 2003 by jumping off the 24th floor of Mandarin Hotel. There were some reports of people saw Leslie’s apparition in the vicinity of where he has fallen to death.


Perhaps the name of both of the movies brought bad omen as ‘Encore’ supposed to mean ‘repeating’ and ‘Trial’ in Chinese means ‘jobless’. In both cases the deaths came in 3 hence ‘encore’; three people were made ‘jobless’.


Anyway, that was an old urban legend of old Hong Kong entertainment circles. Perhaps there are more cursed Asian movies out there? If you know any, please share with us if possible J!

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