Thursday, January 15, 2015

Futile Love Affairs (多情自古空遗恨)

There is a Chinese saying that goes:


多情自古空遗恨, 痴心偏遇薄倖郎。

“Only hatred is left when one gets too emotional, because love seekers normally ended with heartless ones.”


Many jilted persons come to see me now and then wanting to seek revenge. Some even say that they wanted to commit suicide by wearing red clothing in the hope to transform their souls into vengeful ghosts (厉鬼). I only have to tell these vengeful folks the below true story and many people would call off their intentions:


For many years, 20 years to be exact that I have sealed the spirits of Mei and her baby in a small coffin to prevent she seeking revenge on Paul, the person who have made Mei pregnant but jilted her some 20 years ago.


About 2 decades ago, Mei and Paul were my college mates and the couple was thought to be the best match couple at that time; Mei was pretty and Paul handsome. Well, we all know that college love affairs seldom become fruitful as upon graduation, many would choose to further their studies overseas.


The best time for a person is the time waiting for results after final exams as there were not many things to go about; for a couple like that of Mei and Paul of this is the so called ‘honeymoon’.


Paul and I eventually further our studies to UK a few months later, but Mei had to stay back because she was pregnant supposedly with Paul’s child. As far as I know, the couple stayed connected for the first 6 months or so but eventually Paul lost interest and found someone new.


One day, I received a letter from Mei enquiring on Paul’s conditions as it seemed that Paul never returned Mei’s mail or phone call. At first, I tried to tell Mei that Paul was just busy with his assignments; but later I too stop replying to Mei because I didn’t know what to say anymore.


After graduation, Paul got married with his new found sweetheart and returned to Kuala Lumpur. I too returned to Penang to do what I do best.


Two years lapsed, one day Paul gave me a tinkle: “Hey, Mr. Liew, I need your help. I know that Mei is still mad at me. The reason I am calling you is that I need your help to arrange a meeting with Mei to sort things out since you are a close friend of Mei…”


To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too admired about Paul’s personality, so I just said: “Hey, bro. How can I know of Mei’s whereabouts? You are the one who made her pregnant and jilted her!”


The voice of Paul continued at the other end: “I know it’s my fault! I have seen Mei at my wedding; she also appeared in my wedding photo too! Can you please contact Mei?”


I wasn’t in the mood to talk then so I just hung up the phone.


Later due to curiosity, I called up Paula and asked about Mei. There was a long silent on the line and Paula finally said: “Mei had committed suicide when both of you are in UK. She just couldn’t bear the scold and sneers of her parents and friends…”


That figured… It was Mei’s ghost Paul has seen!


Three months later, an old woman rang up and introduced herself as Paul’s mom: “Mr. Liew, you must help my son Paul… he is insane!”


The lady continued: “After Paul’s marriage, he constantly yelled at night that there was someone ‘in between’ him and his newlywed wife. When they are sleeping together in bed, the couple felt as if an icy log is in between them… Paul’s wife, Nancy also thought she saw the figure of a girl carrying a baby lingering in the house. Now Nancy wanted to divorce Paul as she said she has no peace days and nights… Can you come and have a look?”


I couldn’t resist the old lady and I too was curious. So down I went to Kuala Lumpur to find out. At Paul’s place, Paul couldn’t recognize me. He only murmured repeatedly: “It is all my fault, please let me go…”


At this point, Paul’s sister was possessed and she started to talk: “I am Mei, I want to take Paul’s life. No one can stop me for I had the order from the King of Hell! Hahaha…”


On hearing those horrible words, Paul’s parents immediately kneeled down to beg for mercy. But I wasn’t the person who would like to see old folks feeling sad, so I told the spirits to get lost or be imprisoned for a long time.


To make a long story short, since Mei’s ghost wasn’t look like the she would let Paul off the hook, I had to bind Mei’s spirit together with her baby’s into a coffin until today. Paul had never recovered from his madness since. I think he would have to pay for what he had done.


The moral of the story is perhaps no one is free ‘dead or alive’. Even spirits are not free to seek revenge! Maybe I shall release the spirits of Mei and her child soon as 20 years is a long time. Also I don’t like to transgress the orders of ‘King of Hell’ even though I am practicing Yamantaka!

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