Sunday, January 25, 2015

Concerning The Four Demonic Times (四魔时)

There are four demonic times that many people do not aware of. Basically a beginner in Taoist magic or Tantric practitioners should not begin his/her meditation practice during these times. If you still do not believe me, then please do a research on the below timing and you will agree with me that during these hours, accidents and mishaps tend to happen:


·         2300hrs to 0100hrs

·         1100hrs to 1300hrs

·         1700hrs to 1900hrs

·         0500hrs to 0700hrs


Midnight is when Yin energy turns to Yang and the water element is at its peak. Noon is when the Yang energy turns to Yin and the fire element is at its peak. In old China, the emperors would execute prisoners at noon time to prevent the dead souls from seeking revenge.


6pm is when the metal element is at the peak, so people gets more aggressive and tends to involve in fight. Coincidentally, 6pm is also when most of factory and office workers return from work.


6am is ruled by wood element, at this time people started to open their eyes heading to work. Since not everyone have a good night sleep, coupled with night shift workers returning from a hard night’s work; accidents tend to occur during this time too.


In Chinese occult science, we call the above timing Zi (), Wu (), Mao () and You (). These timings are when the elemental forces: water, fire, wood and metal elements are at their peaks. Hours following the 4 peaks are the 4 graves (). The graves refer to the subsiding of the elemental force hence activities would come to rest.


People who stay in urban areas will agree with me that the above timings see massive traffic jams daily. And that anyone who travels during the above 4 demonic times of a day is more likely to meet with traffic incidents too.


It is also said that if a beginner started to meditate on the 4 demonic timing, then chances are that this person is likely to be disturbed by spirits or even possessed! Though the above demonic timings are not popularly known, the consequences are pretty severe. Please don’t treat them likely.


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