Monday, January 19, 2015

English No Can Do In Bitch Hotel (星式魔鬼旅店)

In case you wondered where did I disappeared to during these few days…


A developed nation is celebrating its 50th anniversary and my bro and I happily went to feel the atmosphere of this joyful occasion. Due to the fact that we didn’t want to disturb our local friends, my bro booked a room in Bitch Hotel for a two nights and three days stay. So we happily checked in the Bitch Hotel in the afternoon on the 17th January.


Everything went on smoothly until the next morning when we were about to go out to meet our friends. Then an Indian housekeeping lady came and asked us:


“Sirs, are you checking out today?”

We answered:


“No. Tomorrow, 19th January.”

The lady said:




When we returned at night at 10PM or so, we found our room 5015 was already taken by someone, so we went to the receptionist. To our surprised to find all our belongings including the worn underwear were chucked along the corridor…


We asked the Chinese receptionist lady:


“Aunty, what happened to our room 5015?”


The Chinese aunty said:


“I thought the Indian lady said you want to check out…”


I was a little irritated and replied:


“No. I didn’t say that. Whoever she is, just fire her…”


The Chinese aunty switched the topic:


“You only booked until today, 19th January…”


At this point, one of our friens barged in:


“Hello aunty, today is only 18th January lo!”

(My bro passed the aunty the room booking record…)


The Chinese aunty kept silence and slipped the printout several times and said finally and reluctantly:


“Hmm… (Reluctantly) You are right… but your room is taken by Angmo (White), I can only ‘move’ you to another hotel… (apparently this lady is a little discriminate between Asian and Angmo)…


I said, “Okay. (Everyone was tired after a long day so no choice)


So we moved to another Bitch XX hotel which is more than 50% smaller, the hotel people said: “At least it is near the window!”


My friends just shook their heads…


While we are celebrating the 50th anniversary, it is very difficult to imagine that any hotel housekeepers and receptionists cannot read and understand simple English for:


·         The housekeeping lady cannot understand simple NO.

·         The receptionist cannot read the hotel booking records.

·         The receptionist cannot remember what date it was on a particular day.


I started to wonder: what good is it to talk about rocket sciences if the attitude of the people of a place is such as that of those people working in Bitch Hotel? And that wouldn't it best to at least look into rectifying such problems before moving another 50 years down the road?


If you are not an Angmo, then just pray that you will not meet this type of Bitch Hotel…

Unless you don’t mind your worn underwear being displayed in corridors beside the receptionist desk :D!


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