Monday, January 26, 2015

When Death Is Imminent (当死神来临时)

The Chinese has a saying that goes like:



“If the Lord of Hell desires a person to die at 3am, no one dares to keep him/her till 5am.”


Believe it or not when a person is destined to die, many obstacles would present to hasten his/her death?


My neighbor, the late Mr. Lee in Ipoh was pretty healthy with no serious health issues. One night he suddenly suffered from heart attack and his wife tried all methods to call the ambulance service but the line just couldn’t get through.


It was only that when Mr. Lee gave out the last puff of his breath that the phone line finally cleared. By the time an ambulance finally got to Mr. Lee, he was pronounced death.


As recalled later by Mrs. Lee, she said that it seemed someone or something was blocking the line even though she has made many calls. You may attribute that to one’s bad karma or the person’s past life debtors came to take his life away. The fact is that, when it is time; no other means can save this person.


Another urban legend was about a late Hong Kong artist, Danny who was in comma for 17 months after he has drunk alcohol and medicine together.


A version of story I heard was that the drinks was passed to Danny by his good buddy J. Hence J was blamed for causing Danny’s death indirectly.


Again when J recalled later, he said that there was a disembodied voice instigating him to pass the alcohol to Danny. As J could remember, the voice said:


“Only if you pass this glass of alcohol to Danny, all his problems will be solved!”


J also said that at that night, he seemed to be controlled by a mysterious force and that he just followed what was ordered by the disembodied voice. Well, true enough, after drinking the alcohol, all of Danny’s worldly problems are solved in an undesirable way.


I am not going to preach, but if you have not done what you wanted in this life; then do that as soon as you have the opportunity. For your love ones may not be with you when you have the time.

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