Monday, January 26, 2015

The Cursed Ramen Stall:Aoandō (青行灯)

According to my friends, there is a lesser known story about Aoando that spawned from Edo period (江户时代). As I heard that even up to today, many Japanese still believe in curses hence no wonder why the spirits are so vengeful in Japan. There is a story that told to me regarding a cursed ramen (拉面) stall that believers say it still operates until today.


Many Japanese like to eat a bowl of hot ramen in the street. This is especially true during cold days. If you didn’t try the street ramen, then it is said that you haven’t to Japan. But there is another type of ramen stall that you should never try for it is operated by demonic entities.


This type of ramen stall would have a green lantern hung out in front the stall but there is no one to look after the store. But if anyone who ventures to take the green lantern to light up inside of the store, then an old man shall come out to greet the potential customers.


At this point, knowledgeable folks would just turn their head and walk out of the store without turning their heads. But if unwary visitors stay on in the store, the stall owner will serve everyone a big bowl of ramen.


If the customers do consume the ramen, then they shall be cursed and many unfortunate incidents would happen to these ramen customers. The very person who told me this story of demonic ramen stall said that his father was once visited this type of store after attending the company function.


He came across a ramen stall with a green lantern in the midst of thick fog. Due to curiosity he stopped over and found that inside the store was pitch black so the old man took out his torchlight to shine inside and an eerie sound came out from the dark: “Do you want a bowl of special ramen?”


Since my pal’s dad just had a sumptuous company dinner, he had no mood to eat further, so he just declined politely: “Sorry for bothering… I shall be on my way…”


As soon as the old man stepped out of the stall, he heard a shrieking sound that would raise the goose bumps of anyone who heard it: “Hehehe… lucky soul, I just missed one for my collection!”


My pal’s father instinctively turned his head and to his horror, the ramen stall has vanished but a green lantern was hovering at a distance of 10 feet from him. So he ran as fast as he could until he reached a street lamp pole, when the old man turned his head again, the green lantern was no more.


While I cannot guarantee if you will go into a demonic ramen stall in the street; it is better be careful than sorry.


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