Monday, January 12, 2015

The Miracles Of Kriya Tantra

The practice of Kriya Tantra forms an important practice in Buddhist Tantric teachings. Any Buddhist Tantrika should first learn and master Kriya Tantra before moving on to Anuttara Tantra. There are many real life examples that accomplishment in Kriya Tantra saves life. I myself can attest to it and Goddess Marichi has many times saved me from peril situations.


Below are some of real experiences shared by an accomplished friend who would rather remain anonymous:


Homage to my Master, who is the embodiment of the great Avalokitesvara, and the great disciple of Padmasambhava, whom wihtout Him, I would have not met with Buddha's teaching.


Sometimes miracle must not something big, like apparition of Holy Light, Holy Flame, or descending of Holy Being. But true miracle often happen in our daily life. Only that our minds are too deluded to be able to recognize them.


Below are my own personal stories that related to the practice of Kriya Tantra.


Protection From Fire


There was a time that I've just moved to a new house. One morning, I was going to do some morning chanting. After I prepare some offering and light incense, I began to recite Shurangama Mantra.


After a while, I felt some uneasy feeling that made my mind really agitated and cannot concentrate. I thought that the local spirit was responsible for this, and with an angered mind, I abort my morning chanting early. I didn't even finished the first section of Shurangama Mantra... I thought that maybe later I must conduct some exorcism ritual...


But later after I gone out from my room, I notice a burning smell... One of the electric socket in my house was short-circuited. If I was late to notice that, my house might caught a fire... So thanks to "those" who try to stop my morning chanting because they know better about what's going on in my house...


Homage to the Holy Assembly of Buddha and Bodhisattva of Shurangama. Thus Shurangama's heart mantra :


Om anale visadhe, vira vajra-dhare, bandha-bandhani, vajrapani-phat, hum thrum phat svaha


The Arts Of Transfixing


I don't have any personal transportation, so from time to time I have to rely on public transportation.


Once a time, when I was going home after helping my Master to arrange some things. The driver of public transportation was too lazy to drive to the station near my house because I was the only passenger at the moment, so he let me down at some point. I didn't have to pay the bus fee though.


I thought that it's already near my house. If I wait for another bus, it might take some time, so I just decide to walk to my house.


I didn't imagine that I would met some robber on my way. It's quite lonely road, that nobody might save me. I was surrounded by about 4 motorcyle, and their leader was talking something that doesn't sound clear, that sounds something like, "You have to be cooperate with us! Ramadhan has just finished and we don't want to have a fight here!". Maybe they were drunken too. But I understand how serious that situation was. They might brought some weapon with them!


Between scary and confusion, I could only turn my back from them and walk slowly while reciting Cundi Mantra in my heart. I dared not to look back at them!


After a while, I reached crowded place and I felt relieved. But then I just realize, how come that they didn't chase me? They were using motorcyle after all and I just walking alone... From what I remembered, after I turn my back at them and reciting Cundi Mantra, no single voice was heard by me, and no single motion was detected by me. Not even the voice and motion of wind...


Whatever the case, I believe it was Cundi's salvation. Homage to Cundi the Great Bodhisattva. Here is the mantra :

Namo saptanam samyak-sambuddha kotinam, tadyata : om cale cule cundi svaha


Miracle is born through faith and concentration. Faith brings diligence in practice and made concentration rise quickly.


Never think that, I'll recite mantra when my bad karma ripped, because when it happened and you just starting to recite mantra, believe me, you'll be fucked! No faith nor concentration might arise when bad karma ripped!


Never think that it's useless to practice recite mantra, because even mantra cannot anihilate bad things when bad karma ripped, because if you starting early before bad karma arrive, you'll never know what salvation might arrive when your bad karma ripped and you can't utter a single mantra!


There are many more stories that can be told, but above story is the closest things in daily life...


May this stories strengthen faith in the heart of fortunate people...




  1. How many times do you have to chant chundi mantra is the short mantra still ok

  2. I want to chant the short mantra which is "Om Chale Chule Cundi swaha" is it ok to chant the short mantra instead of the long mantra if so how many times

    1. Normal practice is to chant any mantras for 108 times. But you can chant any number of times you prefer. Once you have chosen the number of recitations, it is best to retain this number every time and not less than that.