Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taboo Of The Last Transport (最后一趟)

My Japanese friends are very particular about taking the last transport of the day be it the train, ship, bus, plane or even train. Of course this worry is not unfounded as at certain places where safety is of issues, then some unscrupulous folks may take advantage to take advantages of unwary folks under the cover of darkness. Further, since it is at the end of the shift, drivers would tend to be of a little slack due to tiredness; hence accidents are likely to occur during night hours.


Anyway, from my friends’ point of view here is not of safety concerns but of spiritual related. It is believed that the last transport of the day not only fares the mortals, but also the spirits!


My friends would avoid these so call last trips of the day if they can avoid them, but if they need to do overtime and cannot avoid taking late night transport; they would seek companies or they would rather stay overnight at friends place. I had many times accompanied my pals on taking last trains not that I wasn’t scared, but just for the thrill of it and also for free breakfast treats the next day.


According to my pals, if one cannot avoid but need to take the last transport at night, then he/she must not stare onto the reflection of the mirrors for chances are, he/she may see the reflections of the spiritual worlds. This is especially true when the place has seen many cases of suicides or fatal accidents.


If you don’t believe this belief, then try to take some last transports and try snapping photos in the seemingly empty passenger seats. I can assure you that your chance of capturing the photo of spirits will be great.


Another points that I can think of is one should avoid performing makeup in the last transport as some spirits may also approach the mirror as they also wanted to look beautiful too. Others say that one should not listen or sing old tunes; especially those songs popular around the WWII. People believe that these old songs would raise the memories of Imperial Soldiers and the innocent civilians and make these spirits unrest.


A very important point is that one should keep quiet of what he/she sees during the last transport of the day or this person may never return to his/her house. It is also believe that once the spirits around know that someone can perceive their presence, they will do everything to keep the person in the spiritual realms too.


Please don’t say I didn’t warn you, perhaps you may also try a few times yourself taking the last transport in your place and snap a few photos just for the thrill of it! And you will agree that my friends fear is not unfounded.

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