Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Measuring Magic Performance In Dollar & Cents

It is perhaps at the end of my magical journey after some 30 years of involvement. One aspect that still haunts me and many others is how to measure performance of magic in dollar and cents.


For one thing if a person just reads and perhaps try a ritual or two without investing considerably amount of money and effort; then I can almost guarantee that this person shall not have any results for however long time he/she has been involving in magic. Provided that his/her magic is inherited or in the family bloodline, then this person is the blessed one as not much money needs to be invested but only time and effort.


In my case, I have figured out some rough numbers just for discussion purposes:


Total investment, Mi = 300,000

Total monetary gain, Mg = 30,000

Total non-monetary gain = K


So, the formula for measuring magic performance is as follows:


Mg = Mi / 10 + K (in 10 years time)


From the formula, it takes 10 years of my lifetime just to gain $30k from magic plus countless of non-monetary gains: protections, disaster avoidance, health etc.


It also means that if one invests $1,000 in magic, he/she can only gain $100 back in dollar and cents; but the non-monetary value is something that cannot be measured as one disaster could wipe off a person’s life saving or cause the person to lose his/her family!


It also mean that the return of 10% of money invested is over a fairly long time, for example 10 years or so. In my case, it was only after 30 years and countless of effort and time involving in performing magical research.


It would be good if anyone can come out with another better mathematical model as I am not a mathematician and my research is merely based on my love of magic. Now, maybe I would rephrase my saying of “magic don’t work” to “magic can work” if and only if one have enough money and lifespan to spend. For the rest, religion is perhaps the best choice; and a cheaper one too!


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