Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hanako That Haunts Toilets (厕所里的花子)

My Japanese friends seem to have phobia in visiting public toilets at night. According to them, they are afraid of Hanako, a spirit that haunts toilets in Japan. It is said that this poor girl died in a toilet for some reasons and only to be discovered by others days later after she passed away. So the restless spirit of this girl keeps haunting Japanese toilets until today. Although I couldn’t understand why one particular spirit can be all encompassing and that it can haunt so many Japanese toilets across the country.


According to what was told to me, my friends would always check for the last cube in public toilets to see if the door of the cube is shut at night. If the door of last cube is indeed shut, then my pals rather piss elsewhere than venture to release themselves for the fear of coming face to face with this horrific Hanako.


There are some taboos when using a public toilet at night in Japan following the fear of Hanako spirit:


First, one should not look above at the ceiling when the person is doing his/her business in a toilet. This is to prevent the accidental view of Hanako on the ceiling board. People believe that Hanako would attach itself onto the ceiling board and it would let those who didn’t see it go; but Hanako would harm those who accidentally see it. So, it is a big no-no to look at the ceiling in toilets!


Second, one must not call Hanako's name while doing business in the toilet. Or in that matter, when the person hears his/her name being called by someone; then it is best not to respond. Otherwise his/her soul shall be made slave by Hanako and this person shall become mad due to the lost of soul.


Thirdly, one must not look into the toilet mirrors for the fear of inadvertently seeing the reflection of Hanako. It is said that anyone who sees Hanako in toilet mirrors, then his/her soul shall be trapped inside the mirror and again; this unfortunate person shall be insane.


Well, I am no fans of Hanako but old Chinese believe that toilet is a place full of Yin energy and that spirits like to stay in toilets that are damp and dark. I would frown at toilets that have water marks on the wall or ceiling; as that would be a sign that the place might be haunted. Although I am a little unsure if Hanako would travel to Malaysia and haunt the local toilets too?


Anyway, if you have come across anything similar to Hanako in local toilets, please drop me a note and share with us!


  1. Dear Sir,
    With respect.
    Few years ago, when I washing hands in a public toilet, the mirror in front of me , I saw a huge shadow walk across my back and into a cubicle.
    But when I turn around , theres no one! I just quietly walk out...
    And at that same toilet front door, I once met a dark figure standing there, I even wave my hand to "HIM" , as the silhouette look like a person I know.But when I take a closer look, It just a black shadow without any eyes nose mouth, no nothing, just a black figure...I shout out "WOHHH" and jump down the staircase..Luckily I didnt fracture my leg!
    I still walk past that toilet everyday, but I didnt have any fear, since I learned to live with them, and just cant some mantras and little offering.. Everything is ok.

  2. Dear Sir,
    With respect.

    It seems that everyday I "see" white /black shadows 'flow' across my business place, and sometime my wife see "them" too. and it become just a normal thing to us.
    The shadow will appear and vanish in a straight line, some time they just move a few feet and vanish, and some time just like appeared and vanish...
    I just chant "OM AH HUM" , or OM MANIPADME HUM...and some offering at a secluded corner at the basement for them.

    This may sound selfish, but I cant help but to ask you...
    How could one exploit these for monetary gain????

    1. This is simple... prepare a tablet with an inscription '无名氏' or something like that and ask them to sit there. Then tell them the business is not good, if they can help; then you shall offer them roast chicken, pork, eggs, fish and duck.

      Start small and when you got results, then increase the offerings. You can also get 5 colour flags to ask the good brothers to sit there. The amount of spirits shall grow... so will your business..

      When you have $$, remember to donate to MagicSEA ;-)