Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Kong Grapan Yants For Invulnerability

Kong Grapan ritual is a ritual to bestow its practitioner with invulnerability same as with other magic traditions. First an arjan should draw the head, heart and body yant.

After that hands and forehead yants should also be drawn every morning when he/she opens his altar for morning prayer. This ritual must be performed for at least 90 days to build up foundation and upon success, this Kong Grapan ritual should be the arjan's daily practice. A testing of sharp object ritual used to be carreid out at the end of the session, but I would not encourage this practice.

Before an arjan goes to bed at night, he/she should seal his/her body with the night yant. This is to prevent night assults by his/her enemies.
The above yants are corrected and added according to Arjan Chum's manual on request. Unless one gets the proper transmission, this person should not attempt any of the yant or injuries may be resulted. You are warned.

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