Friday, January 2, 2015

The Last Of Leklai Lot (流铁收藏)

Leklai is said to be able to bestow invulnerability to fire arms, and this mineral is basically 'extinct' now days in Thailand, only a handful of masters can find them. It is said that one should not speak of leklai openly as it is extremely expansive!

My bro in dharma returned from Thailand and brought me some leklai lots from his last leklai hunt near mountain ranges of Myanmar. So I share them with you as these precious stones are getting rare now days.
According to by bro, he said that even after weeks meditating in caves and fasting; the good long leklai cannot be found anymore; and the picture is what is left of the leklai hunt. Seems like the long leklai pieces are no more in nature.

Please pay particular attention to the 3 pieces in the  left column: one has a cone on top of it; my bro said that this is 'dragon in union', the second one is a 'bowl' and the third a 'ring'. The center top one is also very interesting... looks like a snake!

I don't know how long my bro will let me keep them and please don't ask me of their prices for I really don't know...  just enjoy these 'black jewel of Thailand' for now :-)!


  1. You ca still find more on the Khao Or Temple, as they are (from what I read from Spencer Littlewood) always able to obtain Lek Lai on a specific time.

    Go check those Lek Lai out by!/Lek-Lai-Related/c/1792824/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

    Do you think it's fake? Ask Spencer.

    1. Real lake lai are seldom found in Thailand these days. Real ones were only once found in deep caves in the mountains. I don't have to ask.