Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Another Phantom Caller (又一宗鬼电话)

If you think that I have made things up by telling you the phantom caller from Karak Highway, Malaysia; then you are wrong as I have got another almost similar story from Hong Kong to tell...

This story occurred somewhere around 2000 but the location is in Hong Kong.

The protagonist was another DJ from a local radio station. It was during an aired program known as the '4 columnists' (四人夜话):

DJ: "I believe you have some story to tell?"

Caller: "Yes. I think the house opposite mine is haunted."

DJ: "Why do you think so?"

Caller: "The house I meant has seen a suicide case 200 years ago. A woman hung herself on the central beam and her restless spirit has haunt that house since then...

After her death, I have seen the hung ghost wandering about in the house protruding her slimy long tongue. I was being licked once on the face one night when I ventured into the already abandoned house to ghost hunt.

Then I felt a noose was put around my neck and a fore pulled the noose upwards and I was forced to accompany this hung ghost until now... It was the year 1800 when I was murdered... He... He... He..."

DJ: "Look.We welcome you to share your story but you must not take this advantage to tell pranks!"

Caller: "Wow.. wow... wow..."

And following a series of eerie crying sounds, the line was cut.

Of course, the above story sounds more or less like a prank call indeed. I just pull out and posted it here for your comparison purpose. Perhaps, the Karak Highway story is more believing?

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