Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Unidentified Floating Object (不明浮动物体)

I will just call this 'unidentified floating object' as 'UFO' for short. This 'UFO' does not refer to the 'unidentified flying object' which we normally know.

This UFO is specific to the water between Cheung Chau (长州) and Lantau Island only. 

Since this place is one of the heavily used waterways of Hong Kong, this UFO has caused many boat collisions because skippers would try to steer away from hitting this UFO instinctively and collide with the adjacent boat. There is just not enough leeway to avoid striking the UFO.

There is quite a sad story in circulation concerning the origin of this UFO though:

A young fisherman liked to gamble but the luck was on his side. The more he gambled, the more money he lost. Eventually this fisherman resort to borrow money from loanshark in the hope the money would help him to win back what has been lost so far.

As the saying goes: "nine out of 10 betting would end up losing', the fisherman became empty handed again. 

Soon it was time to pay up the loanshark's installment but the young man has no money. So, one day, the loanshark came to young fisherman's boat with his followers to drag him away in front of his panicked old mother.

There was no mercy from the loanshark folks as while they dragged the old woman's son away, they pushed her onto the board.There was nothing the old lady could do.

Two weeks passed and there was no news of the young fisherman. The old mother decided to search for her son by steering her fishing boat northwards towards the Lantau Island and that was the last time local fishermen seen the old lady.

Not long after that, an UFO was seen floating in the water near the Lantau Island. Boats trying to negotiate this UFO would met with some kind of accidents: it would either be a collision or the boat just capsizes.

Some fishermen claimed the UFO was actually the restless body of the poor old mother searching for her abducted son....

Of course, some scientific minded people would think the UFO is nothing more than rubbish thrown into the sea; while the accidents were caused by reckless boat maneuver through shallow and busy sea passage.

Whatever case that might be, please don't borrow money from loansharks. That is as real as gold.

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