Thursday, July 20, 2017

Taking Lift (搭电梯)

It is from Ben again. According to Ben, he has a very weird habit in taking lift. Whenever Ben enters a lift compartment, he would only enter it either on the left or right side avoiding the center. This is because a strange experience using lift when he was small.

Once Ben returned from school and he came to the lift lobby of his flat waiting for the lift. When the lift arrived, the lift door opened and it was empty, so Ben walked into the compartment.

As soon as Ben stepped in, he felt that he suddenly bumped into something and fell back. At first Ben thought that he might have overlooked someone but after some searching, there was no one around...

At this time, the lift door closed. So, Ben stood up and pressed the door open button and the lift opened again. After some hesitation, Ben walked into the lift and this time, he was successful in getting to the 11th floor where he leaved.

When the lift arrived at the 11th floor and the lift door opened. Ben was hesitate to go out in fear of 'someone' would rush in. But he ventured out anyway and this time, nothing happened.
Since that incident, Ben would rather go into a lift 'side way' to avoid bumping into some invisible creature.

Luckily, that was the only 'direct hit' (撞到正).

Perhaps Ben had bumped into some passenger from another world...

By now, you must have heard that a lift may be used to go to another world. If you are of those adventurous, then you may try the below simple ritual said to be originated from Korean urban legend. This is how:

According to the legend, a person only needs to press a certain floor combination on the level buttons and the lift will bring the person to another world.

If you wish to try, then please find a building which is at least 10 stories tall. Also you must make sure that you are alone in the lift compartment, then just press the level buttons following this order: 4-2-6-2-4-10-5.

When the lift moves to the 5th floor, a lady will enter the lift but whatever you do, please don't look at the person or talk to her.

After the lady came in, you must press the 1st floor button but the lift would bring you to the 10th floor instead. When the lift door opens, please exit the lift and you should be entering another world.

If the lady asks you where you are about, please don't answer her. However, if you want to return to the present world, just go into the same lift and press the above combination.

I am not sure if the above technique will bring you anywhere as the lift might break down due to improper handling... or you might be sued fro improper use of private property!

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