Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sister White (白影姐姐)

Hong Kong academic institutions have their own ghost stories too. Very few people would mention, or perhaps I should say that Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts which is situated beside Wan Chai sea also has some classical ghost story too.

The Academy of Performing Arts has three main components, i.e. class room, backstage workroom for set production and costumes etc, and theater. Both of the set production room and theater are dark throughout the year because of technical requirements.

The production room and theater are so cold that students even need to wear extra clothing during Summer time. So, it is natural that in such dark and cold enclosed spaces, one would be able to see some kind of ghosts.

The most classical of all ghost stories is the 'white shadow sister' (白影姐姐). Almost all students of this school must have heard this ghost story.

From the descriptions of eye witnesses, this 'white shadow sister' has long black hair, she wears long white gown but all other features were blurred.

It is said that this sister white would move in and out very quickly. Students who stayed until very late at night for show performances would be able to see a flash of white shadow moved at a lightning speed accompanied with a chilling breeze moving along corridor at the backstage.

Some people claimed to have seen this sister white floating in the air while playing violin on the stage in the main hall.

Fairly recently, my friend's daughter, Alice who was studying stage painting were working on a project on the main stage one night with her classmates. At one point she felt that someone was staring at her.

Feeling pretty uneasy, Alice started to move her vision around and all were pretty normal. Just as when Alice was dismissing that her odd feeling was nothing but her own vivid imagination, she felt a drop of cold water fell onto her head.

Instinctively, Alice raised her head and saw the ghostly sister white was staring at her on the stage walkway directly above her. The sister white were staring at Alice and her gang with some sort of malign smile.

Before Alice could inform her classmates of what she has seen, a stage lighting suddenly fell onto the stage barely hitting Alice.

Later, Alice recalled that perhaps the sister white was meant to warn her and her friends on the approaching danger. No one knows the origin of this sister white however.

If you happened to drop by the Academy of Performing Arts, then you may inquire about this mysterious sister white. Perhaps you will find out more info.

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