Sunday, July 23, 2017

Care Of Your Soul (灵魂关照)

Many people are facing problems in life and come to me, they hoped for an immediate solution to their problems. So, instead of responding to individual mails; below is just some of my personal experiences:

1. Stay away from magic

It is your freedom to what you want to do, but if you want a more down-to-the earth life; please just stay away from magical related items. There is nothing wrong with magic. The only problem is that magic does not work or give any tangible effects. Not only you waste your time and energy, you might have missed the most important chance in your life 'waiting' for magic to take effect. 

Then, when you are done with magic, you are left with a whole loads of useless magical items.

2. Believe in religion but not too engross in it

Like magic, religion is just for consoling our mind. Involving too young in religious matters may not be too good for a person's social and financial development. When too many young people involved in religious matters, the society became non-productive. No, I am not against religion but just to point out the fact of life.

3. Go out to meet people but keep your distance

Meeting people makes us learn a lot of things from others. But, please keep a distance and use your intelligence. Not all are good folks. It is better to be deceived early and realize your mistake than later.

4. Have a hobby

If you have nothing good to do, learn a hobby. This includes even planting a pot of flower or keeping a small aquarium. Keep your hobby in a manageable size and you will enjoy it. A lady once complaint to me that she had kept too many flowers and now had to source a new place and invest a lot of money. Well, this is not 'enjoying' a hobby.

5. Do something

Even if you are jobless, try to do some work. Charity work is good and helping others not only increase your social life but to improve your luck.

6. Watch your money

There is a saying that goes: "Money is not everything." but I further added that 'No money and you are nothing." So, it is only when you have got your money matters under control, you don't have a life.

7. Exercise more

Please keep your body healthy. Once your body is healthy, not only your mind is healthy; your money matters are healthy too.

8. Don't plan your retirement too early

Once you start thinking of retirement, you become lazy and life become boring. So, keep working and enjoy working!

The above is my ways of enjoying life and keep my soul alive. I don't want to nag more than that. So, Please take care of your soul!


  1. Hahaha. Indeed magical tools regardless in what religious tools, be it thai, taoist, Buddha, etc all are useless. I have wasted too much time and money on such stupid things in the hope my life can turn from predicament into a better (common) life's not wealthy, instead, my life's journey turn from bad to worse. If magical tools are that powerful, the one who made it, produce it are those billionaires in the top 10 world richest list.

  2. Can anyone provide me the soul catching mantra please. Send to

  3. Very good advice for all. Thank you