Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Phantom Caller From Karak Highway (幽灵来电)

In Malaysia, not only we have many phantom voters (幽灵选民), at certain times; we also have phantom callers too... of course, by this I don't mean those callers from Macau scam (电话诈骗).

Having said so, occasionally we might receive a call from the other side. If you don't believe me, then follow this story below please:

This story happened in the 90's and during the Chinese ghost month. It was a tradition for local radio station to air ghost stories at midnight and listeners were also invited to share their stories as well.

One night, as a DJ was discussion about the topic of 'ghosts', he received a call from a caller who introduced himself as Boob who wanted to share his true experience while he was travelling along the Karak Highway with his family.

DJ: "And Boob, can you elaborate your true experience to all listeners please?"

Bob: "Oh... it was a rainy night tonight and I was to bring my family to the east coast for a wedding function.My wife, son and daughter and parents.While I was negotiating a narrow band, my car skidded into a deep ravine...

I fainted due to fall impact and when I opened my eyes, I am very sad because I found all of my family members had died in this tragic accident...

And when I looked around, I found my body wedged between the steering wheel and the driver's seat... Hee... Heee... Heeee..."

Just as the DJ was listening attentively to Bob's story, the story ended abruptly with a long eerie sharp shrieking laughter; and then the line was cut abruptly.

The DJ thought it was just a prank call so he continued with his ghost talk and getting other phone callers. Many listeners feedback that Bob was just making up the story and it was perhaps a prank call after all.

Having said so, when this DJ was reading his newspaper,there it was the news: the wreckage of a car found in a ravine killing a couple,two kids and two old folks!

Feeling disbelieved, the DJ returned to his radio station and retrieved last night's recording but only found that that particular ghost talk section of the recording was totally blank!

Strangest of all,the DJ found out that last night's ghost talk was never aired as the radio station had experienced lighting strike that had damaged the broadcasting antenna an hour before the talk started!

So, who or what were the listeners and who gave those feedback during the ghost talk program may I ask?

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