Friday, July 21, 2017

Magic SEA Is Under Construction

Magic SEA materials are currently under construction. You are not likely to be affected if you are only browsing the ghost stories and some other materials. Some ritual specific materials may be removed.

Why is this change?
Magic SEA is visited by folks of all ages and interests. Some materials such as love magic and the like may be offensive to ladies or more religious folks. So, those contents would need to be moved to another blogs with details added.

There are over 1700 postings and most postings are unread. Those postings with less hit rates will be removed. I am hoping to keep the main posting to around 1000 or below.

Do I need to make a copy of the rituals?
No need. But you may do so as you wish. The posted rituals are mostly incomplete. The original intention is just to publish as many rituals as possible. 

Would materials continue to be posted?
Yes. Only ghost stories and non-ritual specific ones.

For the rest of the folks, business is usual.

Happy visiting!


  1. Mr.Liew I hope that you know that we access the newest article of yours by you main page and if we miss something we push the 'Older Post Button' and do not browse or click on the article, except we want to search for something specific we forgotten, mostly when it is techniques or rituals you shared. Please consider this when you reconstruct you blog.

    1. It should be okay as only new materials will be share in my new blogs. The main blog is only for info, while new restricted blogs are mainly for practitioners. Old materials are of no actual use but for reading only.

  2. Yes Mr Liew, I can say that without doubt this is one of if not the Best website relating to Indo/Chinese/SEA occult matters & martial arts on the entire web, especially being all translated into english. Lots of other book & website speak about magic but never actually explain the rituals as Mr Liew does. I guess most people are interested in newage wicca and other assorted nonsense, instead of the authentic time tested practices being offered here,freely. I for one and i know many other all appreciate your efforts, It would be such a shame to see the information taken down, but whatever decision you make we understand. One thing i really do miss are the indonesian and arabic articles in the secret members onlyand sea translation of buddhist texts. It would be great to see these up and running again.