Friday, July 14, 2017

Hitchhikers (顺风车)

Chinese believe that ghosts cannot cross boundary of waters such as rivers, lakes and sea. So if they must go 'overseas', they had to 'hitchhike'. There are many stories told about spirits took a free ride on human vehicles...

In the 90's, my friend's acquaintance, Kong took a night taxi from Hong Kong to Kowloon area. The taxi driver decided to take the Cross-Harbour Tunnel to speed up the travelling.

When the taxi arrived at the destination, Kong opened the door and paid the driver but the driver looked at Kong and then at the seat beside him for a moment, and with some hesitation; the driver said in a tremble voice: "No charge, it's free!"

Though felt strange, Kong didn't esquire the reason behind his free ride and got off the taxi.

Then for a consecutive of 3 nights Kong was besieged by fever and cold, and he also experienced bad dreams. Finally, on the last night; Kong dreamed of a man and a kid came to him thanking him for allowing them to 'take a ride' along in the taxi.

A week later, Kong got a windfall and won 3rd price in lucky draw. Surprisingly too, the money was just enough to cover his medical expenses.

When Kong recalled of his experience later, he could feel someone or something was beside him in that taxi. And that the expression of the taxi driver was quite strange too as the driver seemed to be in a state of fright and he kept looking at the rare mirror while tuned the radio to the maximum volume.

Also, Kong's drop off point that night was near a funeral parlor and there were some kind of ceremony took place there. Perhaps that 'someone' really eager to get 'home' that night whom has resolved to hitchhike?

Of course, this type of story is not unique to Hong Kong alone, there were stories told that people picked up beautiful ladies in rural area that turned to be an ugly vampire!

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