Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Eye (眼睛)

It was said that a basketball court in University of Hong Kong (UHK) is pretty haunted. This basketball court is special because it is not of standard size and it has no hoop as well. Some students claimed to have seen kids playing in the dark on the basketball court. Of course it is illogical to see kids playing in night in a university. So I think you have guessed what the 'kids' really were...

There is an urban legend concerning this mysterious basketball court that goes something like this:
When the May Hall was still student's hostel, some students routinely practised basketball on that court in the evening.

There was one female student never failed to present to watch the basketball practice sessions. Gradually the girl attracted the attention of a male basketball player.

Due to curiosity, the boy followed the girl one night after the basketball training session to a room in the second floor. The boy asked the hostel caretaker of whom was the tenant of that particular room, but the answer was that the room was vacated for a very long time.

This has certainly arouse the boy's curiosity further and he tried to do some detective work himself in a local public library. Finally he found a news clip mentioning that someone had committed suicide in the room.

Now being more curious, the boy again came across the mysterious girl watching his basketball session again. This time, he followed the girl to the room in the second floor again.

This time, the boy waited until the girl went into the room and he quietly and swiftly came to the door and peeped through the key hole...

There he saw something red-black-red. The boy couldn't make sense of what he has just saw, so he tried another peep...

It was still the red-black-red thing the boy saw. Then the door suddenly opened and there he saw the mysterious girl face to face at close range. Only at this time that he realized the 'red-black-red' thing was the girl's bloody eye! Apparently, when the boy peeped through the key hole, the girl too peeped into the key hole on the other side.

When the boy realized the girl in front of him was nothing near human, in extreme shock he fainted on to the floor. He was found by a cleaning lady the next morning lying face down in front of the room.

The boy became sick and had to return to his house for recuperating. After his returning to the university, he told his spooky encounter to his friends, he vowed not to come near the basketball court ever until the day he left the university.

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