Friday, July 14, 2017

Magical Kung Fu (魔术武术)

Tai Chi master vs MMA  boxer and KO in 10 seconds!

Kung Fu has become more magical these days with the advent of martial arts movies from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the movies, the heroes can leap over a tall building with a single bound, one hero can kill hundreds of opponents with the 'dead touch'... but how far are these movie scenes from the truth?

The question has somewhat answered with a fight between a MMA boxer, Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) and the grandmaster of Thunder Tai Chi, Leilei (雷雷).

Out of the blue, the MMA boxer knocked out Tai Chi Master in about 10 seconds! After Xu became high profile in his sliding win, the authority started to feel threatened and comprehensively banned him and closed down his social accounts lately.

The April 27th match has made Xu famous but in doing so, Xu has also became the 'public enemy of Kung Fu community' (武林公敌). This also triggered the banning of 'open challenge' by the Sports Official and Martial Arts Associations. Xu was also being removed by his school of athletic.

Additionally, Xu was also faced with many 'obstacles' and had to cancel his travel to Taiwan and news releases. All in all, rumor has it that the authority wanted to investigate Xu's fight with Leilei.

So much so that Xu's martial arts school were being interrogated by the fire department and police. 

Some people think that the authority was purposely looking for troubles.

Many people thinks that Xu was too high profile and that he has offended masters of all Kung Fu schools and government officials until that they applied the 'evil force' and the 'if problems cannot be resolved, then resolve the person who brings up the problem'methodologies.

Some even jokingly said that the victories belonged to those 'magical Kung Fu masters' from the Chinese Martial Arts Association, and that because the magical power of those Kung Fu masters whom could even control the computer servers to 'harm' Xu.

Of course the swift banning of the local authorities on Xu attracted much outside attention. This has brought forth great pressures to Xu and that he even cried during a live broadcast that he was being accused of being a 'spy' because he wanted to go to Taiwan for cultural exchange. Someone has deliberately put him into dilemma.

A senior Chinese reporter, Wang said that Xu was finally 'defeated'. He has originally won a Kung Fu fight as his initial intention was to reveal the 'hidden agenda' of those Kung Fu communities, but because of his ruthlessness, his good intention was being defeated though he actually won the physical fight.

So, it is apparently Kung Fu can be treated as a sub-set of magic as the exponents too rely on some kind of invisible 'super power' to defeat their opponents! But still, you are the best judge still!


  1. Haha. Those tradition martial arts basically are for performance, health enhance, amusement and etc. That's why, Bruce Lee modified the origin of Yong Chun martial art into his own invention combat style Kung Fu known as Jeet Kune Do which are more deadly and powerful in fighting and self defence.
    However, based on history, the old man IP Man refused to accept the fact of Yong Chun weaknesses and unhappy with Bruce Lee improvement modification that suit the real fighting style. This imply the same as what happened between combat fighting challenged with the weak Tai Chi which meant for health purpose. These people cannot accept or face the reality. So, no improvement, no progress for them. Even Japanese Karate, Korean Taekwondo were modified from the basic Chinese martial arts.

  2. I think these matches are good, as they keep the dabblers & wrong people away from ever investigating true internal arts etc.