Thursday, July 6, 2017

Subway Ghost Stories (地铁鬼故事)

1. Mysterious Lady In Yellow (神秘黄衣女)

A mysterious lady in yellow shirt was believed to have haunt the subway stations in Wong Kok and Choi Hung, Hong Kong. She is believed to be responsible for pushing unwary passengers waiting for train to arrive.

People believe that there are two ways to fall down onto train rails: one is by jumping onto the rail to commit suicide, the other possibility is that the person is being pushed down unwillingly.

Story has it that one day, as the train was arriving into the station; a lady suddenly jumped into the way of the train seemingly to commit suicide. Luckily the train master saw the lady and he was able to brake in time to avoid the fatal impact.

When the lady was on her way to the hospital, she was not herself and she kept murmuring that a 'ghost' pushed her down onto the track. The authority later checked the video recording showing conditions of the time.

Interestingly speaking, the investigators only found the clips of the lady while standing on the platform waiting for the train and the clips of the lady being rescued out from the track; the video clips showing the actual incident was blurred somehow.

No conclusion can be made as to the lady was committing suicide or that she was indeed pushed down by someone or something.

2. White Lady Of Central Station (总站白衣女鬼)

Upon midnight, the train shall arrive at the central station and after all passengers have alighted the passenger compartment, the captain will then walk from front cockpit to the back cockpit and drove the tram out.

One night as when Captain Beng was walking towards the back cockpit, he saw a lady in white sat in the last compartment with her head dropped. Her face looked extremely pale.

Captain Beng approached the lady and said: "Miss, we are now in the central station! You should disembark or the train cannot move out from the station."

After speaking to the lady, Captain Beng proceeded to move the train out.

For a consecutive few nights Captain Beng noticed the white lady sat in the same place as before with her head dropped. Thinking that the lady must be some lunatic, he dared not disturb the lady anymore.

One morning, Captain Beng consulted an experience captain about the strange white lady. The first reaction the captain was: "Oh! You have seen her too? Don't talk to her anymore or she might take you as her boyfriend!"

Captain Beng was interested to find out more, so he persuaded his senior to reveal the secret..

According to the senior, a few years ago, a lady jumped onto the track to commit suicide and died. It was said that this poor lady was jilted by her boyfriend.

Since then a mysterious lay started to appear in the passenger compartment at midnight. Luckily this lady only sat there quietly with her head dropped. She would not respond to any conversations.

Other captains think this white lady is the one who committed suicide. She would wait in the train compartment until her boyfriend changes his mind...

3. Unreachable Station (永远不到的站)

This is yet another subway urban legend:

At midnight, Richard was on the last train to return home. He transited in Kowloon Station. As soon as he jumped into the train compartment, Richard felt relaxed and he took a few minutes of shut eyes.
10 minutes later, Richard alighted the train but only found that it was the previous subway station. Richard thought that he has made a mistake due to fatigue and he decided to wait for the subsequent train.

Strangely, Richard returned to the same station again....

It is believed that Richard is still trying to reach home until today!

So you have guessed it! Richard could never reach home as he was killed in a freak accident earlier!

4. Phantom At Ticket Counter (售票处的幽灵)

The subway station is normally covered by CCTV: the platform, main hall and even the ticket counter are all under surveillance.

A long haired lady is said to appear behind the ticket staff in one of the subway station. Many people were hence scared till fainted.

5. The Lady Ghost That Chased After The Maintenance Tram (追工程车的女鬼)

Legend has it that a lady committed suicide by jumping onto the track in one of those subway stations. Since then those poor maintenance folks would see a semitransparent lady appeared before them. It was said that, this lady even chased after the maintenance tram while calling out: "Wait for me!"

Of course, all of the above stories are merely urban legends. Occultists believe that subway is a place where spirits like to congregate because it is unreachable by sunlight.

So, it is best not to take the lst train and avoid wearing hats and deep color clothing. The above tips would more or less prevent a person from bumping into those good brothers and sisters.

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