Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Evil Sorcerer (黑巫师)

This is a story of how Beng's relatives fell into the prey of an evil sorcerer. Beng said that he still feels trauma thinking of it now a days.

When Beng was in Form 6, his uncle and aunty liked to chase after those weird supernatural things. The couple would not miss to worship any shrines or so-called holy spots.In short, anywhere that are believed to be able to bring luck, they will be there. At times, Beng's family also being persuaded to participate in those luck empowerment rituals or spirit offering sessions.

Once, Beng's uncle told his mother that he got acquainted with a very powerful Indian magician who can read any person like a book by just looking at his/her date of birth.

Consequently, Beng's second aunty followed his uncle to visit the sorcerer and she received a windfall not long after that. Then this aunty and her family became ardent followers of this sorcerer.

Than Beng's mother and his godmother too followed the wake of his aunty and uncle. As expected, the sorcerer read Beng's mother and godmother's minds; and that the sorcerer promised to help but the old ladies must visit the sorcerer twice a week.

Beng advised his mother not to be too engrossed with superstitions but the old lady would not listen. Hence Beng decided to follow his mother and godmother to visit the Indian sorcerer.

On stepping into the sorcerer's house, the sorcerer opened his mouth and said" "How coincidence! Your date of birth is same as mine!"

So, the consultation begun. The sorcerer told Beng many of his private matters that no one was supposed to know. At the end of the session, the sorcerer told Beng that he would help if Beng could come often.

At first all were well until...

Strange things started to happen to Beng's godmother. Accoding to his godmother, she felt 'something' passes through her body and then her body would develop goose bumps and frozen solid.
Then it was Beng's second aunty family's turn to face the music...

Beng's second aunty would see a female ghost watching at her when she were sleeping. Until so much so that the ghost appeared in her dreams.

One night, the second aunty's son returned home after a midnight movie, he claimed to have seen a shadowless person stood under a street lighting looking at their house.

In addition, the aunty's dogs would hide under her armchair and whine pitifully as if threatened by something. Then the aunty's daughter started to experience hag ride at night too...

One day, Beng's grandpa who was a spirit medium visited the second aunty's house. The old man immediately pointed out that the house was full with with ghosts and the culprit was the sorcerer.

Without any hesitation, this old spirit medium immediately fell into trance and his patron god, 'Guangong' possessed the old man and 'Guangong' started to dance around the house and then he stopped in front of a statue and asked the aunty's son to lift up the statue and inspect its base.

To everyone's surprise, there was trace of tempering at the base of the statue. So under the Guangong's instruction, the statue base was dug out and a piece of bone was retrieved.

According to Beng's aunty, the statue was purchased from the sorcerer to bring 'luck'. Then the Guangong instructed Beng's second aunty to throw everything into a nearby river so that all the bad luck and evil spirits would leave.

After cleansing second aunty's house, the grandpa proceeded to purify the rest of the households so that those ghosts cannot do any more harm.

Since the frightful experience, Beng's family and relatives would not trust those sorcerers any more.


  1. Haha. This story very interesting as it is quite familiar to me as what I was encounter before 4 years ago.

    Make it short, a friend of mine brought me to one of his uncles house whom a Chinese practicing Sanskrit Hinduism. Upon stepped into the house, I saw few picture frames hung on the wall. In the picture were old Indian men with long beards in meditation sitting mode where my friend uncle claimed those were his seniors and one of it was his master. Of course there was a simple altar arrange with some ritual tools such as big sea shell, white clothe, copper bell, a Sanskrit holy book and etc.

    After a simple chatting dialogue, his uncle request my name. Upon told him my name, he said my life's in predicament especially in the aspect of career and finance was due to in my past life's I was once a disciple of his master, now his master instructed I must embrace as a student by converting into his religion. If I refuse to do so, forever, I will not able to get a job and poor till the end of my life's journey.

    Without hesitation, I rejected. He behaved aggressive in speech and angry. Same time, I saw his mouth mumble something while starred toward me without a blink.

    Few weeks later, another friend of mine came visit me with his Taoist master first time to my parent home. After leaving my parent house, my friend called and told me his master request me to visit his temple as he has something to tell me. So, in nothing to lose situation I agreed and visit the master temple the following week.

    Once reach the temple, the master request for my name. The first thing his mouth open was telling me there is a sect master force me embrace into his religion, but I rejected. Therefore, he casted the evil spells to make me bad luck and ensure me unable to get a job so that I will back to him and follow his believe. The Taoist master also told me I was follow by a evil spirit too which is send by that Sanskrit master.

    Eventually, the Taoist master taught me the proper way for body cleansing and chasing away the evil spirit that following me. Surprisingly. Until today I am still jobless. Every job application will be rejected without even a chance go for interview and my saving is zero today. Hahaha.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Maybe the person who told me the story has something to do with the evil guru you have visited.

      Wishing you a good luck in getting a job or a business soon... :D