Monday, July 17, 2017

The Restless Daughter (不休的女儿)

An assortment of Vietnamese hell bank notes. The one on the top left corner is the hell note in USD, while the one on the bottom right corner is the reverse side.

One year ago, a Vietnamese couple was caught bringing a total of $4,650,000 of Vietnamese USD hell bank notes at Detroit airport. Apparently bringing in hell notes are illegal in the US!

Like the Chinese, some Vietnamese too offer hell bank notes to the dead but unique to this region, the hell note is in USD! Believe it or not.

This reminds me of a recently popular ghost story circulated in Northern Vietnam:

Story was told that one day an old couple received a fridge sent from a supermarket near the sea.

The old couple refused to accept the fridge as they said that they had never placed the order. But when the deliveryman showed the old couple the delivery and sales order, the old folks burst into tears for clearly printed on the document was the name of their long deceased daughter!

After the old couple told that deliveryman that it was their long deceased daughter who had purchased the fridge, the disbelieve man returned to the supermarket and conveyed the bizarre news to his supervisor.

Of course, no one would believe that how can someone return from the grave and buy something from our human world.But the careful supervisor thought that he aught to refer the matter to the supermarket sales department for a further investigation.

Although the sounds absurd, the sales department still ran a thorough check on that day's purchase and to the manager's surprised, hidden within that day's money was a few pieces of USD hell bank notes worth of $300. And coincidentally that was the price of the refrigerator sold!

After the supermarket management learnt about the restless ghostly daughter's deed, the manager decided to donate the fridge to the old folks as a good gesture. And because of this, people believe that this restless daughter helped the supermarket to bloom. You will not miss this supermarket if you go to Northern Vietnam.

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