Monday, July 17, 2017

The Indian Grandma (印度老婆婆)

This is an old story when I was working in a MNC company in Kuala Lumpur.

That was in the dead of the night, around 4am perhaps. After I have just completed my work and on my way home. I stayed in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Then I was passing the road in front of SONY factory (the factory is said to be moved). While driving I listened to some rock music in order to keep me awake. My speed was a little fast then as the road was practically clear and so that I could reach home faster too.

Just as when I was approaching a corner near a newly built town house, suddenly I saw a silhouette in the middle of the road at a distance of about three street lamp posts distance from me.

Instinctively I slowed down my car and put on spot lights so that I could have a clearer look at that figure. As my car approached the figure, I could tell that it was the figure of an old Indian grandma.

Figured out that the head lights might disturb the Indian old lady, I shut the spot lights and lowered the car speed.

Strangely too that the old grandma just sat in the middle of the road wearing traditional sari and with her head stooped. Just as when I was passing beside the grandma slowly and carefully, the grandma suddenly raised her right hand seemed to flag down my car.

Though feeling strange, I wound down the side window and asked: "Are you OK grandma?"

The grandma raised her head and said: "Please, can you bring me to my children in Kuala Lumpur?"

Due to personal safety considerations and that I was going towards the other side of the metropolitan city, I had no intention to come out from the car.

So, I shook my head and replied: "Sorry, grandma. I am not going to your place." So said, I wound up the window and started to speed off.

Just as when I was entering the second corner, there she was; the old Indian grandma again sat in the middle of the road. But this time, the grandma raised her right hand to flag my car again.

I was totally horrified as it was barely a few seconds past that the old lady could appear in front of my car!

No choice but to proceed on. The old grandma continued to flag my car with pleading expression but I tried to ignore her. Just as I approached the grandma, I switched on the car spot light first to warn the old lady to give way and the second was to have a closer look at the surrounding.

I almost fainted as when my car spot light shone on the old lady, she suddenly vanished into the thin air! Goose bumps suddenly developed all over my body as I realized that the grandma was not human.

No second words, I immediately stepped on my gas paddle and sped back home. Luckily nothing happened on my rest of the journey.

No that I have left the company and returned to Penang, I could still develop cold sweat thinking of the old Indian grandma.


  1. Wow, should build a shrine for her and confer her as nenek in Taoist way, perhaps evertime either in gambling or buying 4d will have higher chances to win. Hahaha

    1. Good idea! Not sure if the old grandma is still around after so long... :D