Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Boy Looking For Mother (大道寻母记)

One night a man wanted to return to his house in Kuala Lumpur after some sales promotion in the East Coast area. So he choose to use the Karak Highway first to avoid traffic jams in federal roads and also travelling at night would be cooler so to speak.

Although being warned by his friends that Karak Highway is pretty haunted at night, he just brushed aside those as absurd superstitions.

So said, the man proceeded as planned. Though his will was strong, his body was very tired. Since he could hardly keep his eyes opened, he decided to stop his car by the roadside and took a nap.

Just as he was closing his eyes for a few minutes, some knocking on his side window awoke him. The man looked through the window and saw a boy was staring at him asking: "Have you seen my mother?"

The man shook his head and continued his nap.

A few minutes lapsed, and he heard the noise of his car door being pulled opened and then a slam. The man was very surprised because he remembered that he has locked all of his car doors...

Before he can make sense out of it, then the familiar voice echoed near his ear with a stronger accent: "Have you seen my mother!"

The man opened his eyes and there was the boy now sitting beside him staring at him with dead fish eyes expressionless.

This has triggered the man's survival instinct and in a jiffy, his subconscious told him that this boy was not human. Instinctively he pointed his finger randomly outside and said: "Mummy!"

Almost immediately too, the boy vanished from the man's sight. He immediately stepped on his gas at high velocity.

Perhaps the 'boy' felt that he was cheated, he chased after the man's car at high speed too and then there was a bump on top of the car... And the man saw the boy's sinister face looking at him from the car top.

At this point, the man heard a series of police car siren.

A police petrol car was following closely behind the man's car and the police officer indicated the driver to stop.

While the police officer were issuing summon for speeding, the man told the officer what he just experienced.

The officer handled the driver a ticket and said: "Yeah, some time ago, a fatal accident occurred around here. Sadly speaking, a boy was thrown out of the car and the parents were also found dead in their car down the ravine below here.

Unfortunately, the boy's body was only discovered two days later. Perhaps that's why the restless spirit of the boy still wandered around the place..."

Then the officer added: "Despite that ghost, I am still issuing you a ticket. Unless you can bring the ghost to me and I will bring it to the judge... Have a safe journey! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

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