Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ghost That Stole Underwear (內衣褲鬼)

Normally only perverted folks would steal ladies' underwear. But my friend's Indonesian mother, Kak Sri said that there was a very famous underwear thief haunting her home village when she was small.

This invisible underwear thief used a long bamboo stick to fish ladies underwear hanging outside of the house.At times, this perverted ghost will also break into a house to get what it liked most. Other than ladies' underwear, this ghost was also fond of playing pranks on unwary folks. One of its favorite practical joke was to make people fall down.

According to Kak Sri,her father found that the underwear ghost was disturbing her mother. He was furious and scolded dirty words at the underwear ghost. At the same time, Kak Sri's father also attempted to get his hands on the ghost's bamboo stick.

In a fight to win over the bamboo stick, the old man was nearly hurt and killed by the bamboo. Instead, the bamboo near missed Kak Sri's father and plugged into a wall behind him.

After some struggles, Kak Sri's father had never apprehend the underwear ghost because it was invisible. A few days later, a black knife was found stabbed in the house front door. No one knows whether it was a threat or a present from the underwear ghost.

Strangely speaking, this underwear ghost only stole ladies' underwear. If men's underwear were somehow being mistakenly collected, the spirit would return the items to their owners.In addition, the spirit would make the men fell down onto the floor.

Kak Sri suspected that the underwear ghost was in fact a group of ghosts as a few households would lose underwear at a single time.

According to Kak Sri that the underwear ghost has disturbed her village for many years. Those victims lodge many police reports but it was said that even underwear of police officers' wives were not spared.

Some villagers sought the help of some shamans but those shamans were beaten until they were either suffered bruises all over or injured by stones threw from no where.

People who managed to retrieve their underwear, men and women would suffer some kind of serious illnesses that are difficult to be fully cured.

Luckily, this bizarre underwear ghost suddenly vanished from thin air and no traces of it was to be found. But the black knife was still kept by Kak Sri's Indonesian relatives though.

Now a days, ladies' underwear continued to be lost every where. No one would suspect such loses have any supernatural connection. Since Kak Sri's story is unique, I just share it with all.

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