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Deliverance In Unusual Situations (特别的超度法)

There are a lot of deliverance rituals in Tibetan Buddhism suitable for people of all walks of life. Unlike other religions that only have one dead ceremony.

Not many people aware that Tibetan Buddhist deliverance rituals actually done according to situational needs and timing.

Deliverance ritual for tantric practitioners

In this case, a tantric practitioner has many ways to send his consciousness:

  • Dharmakaya (body of essence)
    • A dzongchen or mahamudra practitioner will dissolve his consciousness in the presence of natural pure light hence achieved the dharmakaya state.
  • Sambhogakaya (body of enjoyment)
    • The consciousness of a practitioner transformed into the illusion body of his Yidam.
  • Nirmanakaya (body of transformation)
    • The transference of consciousness through 'phowa' method.
  • Liberation by self confidence
    • When a practitioner has unshaken confidence that he will be reborn in Pure Land, then by his strong will; he will.
  • Deliverance by consciousness summoning
    • This method is only for the enlightened practitioner. Milerapa has said: "Those who is not enlightened, cannot perform deliverance ritual."
Deliverance ritual for ordinary folks

  • Dead rituals such as recitation of 'Tibetan Book of The Dead' from first day to 14 days or so.
  • Dead rituals carried out on demand.
Deliverance ritual for non-human

  • Non-human spirits such as demons or animals cannot be delivered in their presence forms because of their karmic debts and bonds. The only way is to 'destroy' their bodies and guide their consciousness to the Pure Land. This is a controversial and most misunderstood ritual in Tibetan Buddhism as it involves 'killing'. The common tool used in a slaughtering ritual is the 'phurpa'.
Deliverance ritual for human who died in an unconscious manner

  • As per teaching: "Those who has fallen unconscious and died are not worthy of receiving deliverance rituals." This situation includes those who died in freak accidents too. 
  • The reason is simple because once these folks are knocked unconscious, they will lost their golden opportunity to be delivered during the first few days. In normal cases, a dead soul only realized that it is dead after 3 to 4 days after the mishaps.
  • The above quote is cautioned by previous masters in view of the lack of accomplished practitioners nowadays.
  • In order to be able to guide an unconscious soul, a master must first be able to see the soul and he must have accomplishment in his illusion body practice with a clear visualization of chakras and energy channels.
  • Then the dead soul's consciousness would be disintegrated into two components: the white essence (father) and red essence (mother) and entered through the bottom of the feet of the master's illusion body.
  • The father and mother essence is reunited in the illusion body's base chakra and then slowly moved up to the crown chakra with recitations of 'phat'.
  • At the end of the ritual, the dead soul shall be reborn in the Pure Land and the master will destroy his illusion body and offered it to the deceased's karmic debtors.
  • This is known as 'slow transfer' contrary to the 'fast transfer'.
  • A slow consciousness transfer is normally done on those people who died of drug overdose, poisoning, or people died in fatal accidents. 
  • This ritual also done one those who smoked or dunk too much alcohol. The reason is that alcohols and tobacco blurred a person's consciousness and his central channel shrunk. Subsequently, the deceased's consciousness cannot leave its body or hear the prayers of the master. So extra effort must be done to guide this dead soul out in its original state: the father (semen) and mother (egg) through its nose and asshole.

Just a word of advice, please stop smoking and drinking alcohol. My master once performed a dead ritual for a deceased who liked alcohol and smoking. When my master ordered the dead soul to leave, it just couldn't find its way out and hence losing the golden opportunity to be liberated.

I don't expect you to understand the above teaching as I have compiled it as a teaching guides for my fellow dharma brothers and sisters. No one should try the above rituals as there are more details to be added.

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