Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Understanding Our Life Foundation (生命的基础)

Our lives are very fragile as we are consistently striving for balancing work among physical plane, psychological plane and the spiritual plane. After dealing with many peoples from all walks of lives, I have summarized my new view of how the wellness of human beings are affected:

Let us imagine that we are standing on a piece of giant pie that is divided into:

  • The physical plane
  • The psychological plane
  • The spiritual plane

These three planes are not glued together and each plane can further be subdivided into smaller sectors:

The physical plane 

Physical plane can be subdivided into our physical body and the external world. Naturally, the well beings of our body is affected by the ever changing external world.

The psychological plane

This is the state of our mind. Our minds are constantly working to strive for a balance state after receiving stimulation from the outside world. Some people are more immune to the external stimulation while others are more sensitive.

The spiritual plane

I would further subdivide the spiritual plane into two: the religious and the spiritual side.
The religious side is the absolute unchallenged and untouchable religious beliefs accepted by us. For example: A faithful followers will be allowed to enter heaven and bad ones will be cast into hell. I will not tempt to challenge this belief personally.

The spiritual side is the side we accepted in an unwritten manner which is not agreeable by the religions; call it the 'dark side' if you would. So said, when religious teachings cannot satisfy our human greed; we will turn towards mediums to ask for assistance.

Our life foundation

Now you will see that the life foundation of our well beings is made up of many components. We are at peace when most of the psychical, psychological and spiritual planes are held together in equilibrium.

When our life foundation became disintegrated we either fall ill, become insecure, depressed, injured, obsessed, crazy or even insane.

Short comings of modern day therapies

When we become physically sick, we see a doctor.

When we have mental problems, we consult a psychologist or psychotherapist.

When we have spiritual issues, we consult a priest or spiritual medium.

All will be well if our problems are simple ones and those so-called professionals are knowledgeable and ethical enough. So said,  in real life situations our problems can be complex.

We must first be able to eliminate some possibilities ourselves before seeking professional consultations. This will prevent us from spending a lot of money with very little or no effective treatments.

For example: 

A person complaints of hearing voices constantly and he is a faithful follower of a religious sac. This person is jobless and lives on other's donation.

What a professional would say:

A doctor would say: "Go and see a psychologist."

A psychologist would say: "Take some medicine."

A religious teacher would say: "It is the work of Satan. You must repent."

A spirit medium would say: "You are possessed by 10 ghosts. Pay me $1000 for exorcism."

My diagnosis:

When a person is consistently hearing voices, then this person has a psychological problem for the reason I have described. 

If he is also a faithful person, then this person maybe having overly vivid imagination and that he is influenced by his religion.

Further, if the person is jobless and wanting donation; pretending to be possessed by demon is a good way to fish for sympathy and donation from religious bodies.

In short, I will either leave the person alone; or ask him to do some charity work. If he refuses, then the person is plain lazy.

To sum up, we must be educated on what may affect us in this life before we achieve 'enlightenment' or be allowed to enter the gate of heaven. What I have listed out is just one of those minor cases I come across on daily basis.

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