Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In The Name Of God (奉真主的名)

The most powerful phrase in the Bible and the Holy Quran is none other than: In the name of God. Or in Arabic: Bismillah. This is undoubtedly true as it is the fact that the religion of God is followed by almost half of the world's population.

This story I am about to tell is true and it happened to me in my earlier years of magic practices. 

I used to have a few friends whom I used to consult and practise magic together. One of them is Chan, who was a Maoshan Taoist master in ghost magic and the 5 legionnaire armies (五营兵).

The other one was a Thai archan Kamseng who was a master in kid spirits. Archan Kamseng was an expert in making real 'lokkok' (dried human baby fetuses).

Both of my guru cum friends thought I was a wacko and they did take advantage of me at times but I just turned a blind eye just to maintain our friendship until...

One day, Taoist Chan was having tea with me in front of his small shrine. A businessman, John came to ask for help as this gentleman said his shop was haunted by some evil spirits.

So Master Chan thought he could show off his power and an appointment was made to visit John's premise.

We arrive at John's place in the evening. After letting us in, John locked us in and asked us to shout for the security guard outside if we needed to get out early or extra help.

After John left, we hurriedly setup a small altar with 5 small flags for the summoning of Chan's invisible armies to exorcise whatever evil spirits there were in the shop.

Suddenly there was a gust of strong wind came from nowhere and at the same time the shop lighting suddenly started to flicker and the fire sprinkler system burst. This couldn't happen at the worse timing as no candles or incense could be burnt.

Then strange knocking sounds were heard from all 6 directions: left, right, front, back, up and down. I can tell you that was pretty scary experience.

In a total wetness and in semi darkness, Master Chan couldn't summon his armies. He could only storm on his right foot so that his patron god could possess him to combat those seemingly more powerful entities.

Well, Master Chan did eventually got possessed and he went amok and took off his clothing. Looks like something has possessed Master Chan instead.

I was in a state of shock as my intention was to see Chan in action and now Chan has turned stripteaser, I started to call out holy names that I could remember until the magic phrace: In the name of God suddenly blurred out from my mouth. 

There was a long sighing sound I heard and soon the shop lighting returned to normal. I quickly contacted the security guards to send Master Chan to hospital.

A few days later, John came to visit Master Chan with a big donation. John said: "I want to show my gratitude for your big help. On that night, I dreamed many people came to me: young, old, male, female, Chinese, Indian, Malay, foreigners... They said they were expelled from my shop by an unseen force. After that, there is no disturbance anymore."

Of course, I let Master Chan took the credit as he still thinks until today that it was his patron god's help to overcome those trouble making spirits at John's place.

Another not so decent guru of mine was Archan Kamseng. Kamseng like to try his magic on me but for many times I just pretended that I didn't know what Kamseng was up to.

Perhaps I was really protected by my jinni and the Seal of Solomon, Archan Kamseng's mind control magic didn't seemed to work on me.

Once Kamseng gave me a said to be very powerful human baby fetus and he asked me to bring the thing with me all the time.

After a while, Archan Kamseng's attitude changed towards me. He started to chant mantra in front of me and command me to give him money. At first I complied as he wanted $36 to buy clothing for his baby spirits.

Then Kamseng started to order me to give him more money and I started to feel irritated and said to him: "In the name of God, take back your baby and leave me alone!"

A few months later, Archan Kamseng contacted me and asked me to leave him alone. I was surprised and asked him to elaborate. This was what he told me: "I know I have done wrong but can you stop bugging me? I saw you when I was digging a grave. I saw you in my house ransacking my belongings... Now I have tumors growing all over my faces!"

I was silent for a while and murmured: "It is definitely NOT me! Only God knows what!"

Of course, I am not influencing you to believe in God's religion. Ha ha ha!

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