Monday, August 27, 2018

Stop Or Don't Stop? (停还是不?)

Grandma always said: "During Ghost Month, don't stop if something by the roadside suddenly stops you...

This incident happened many years ago to a neighbor of mine, Siao who is a little wacky. Whenever Siao goes out at night during the so-called Ghost Month, his grandma would yelled out to him from the kitchen: "Ah Siao, remember not to stop if anything stops you by the roadside at night during Ghost Month for they are ghosts!!"

Ah Siao would respond: "Don't worry ah mah, I can take care of myself..."

Then sometime before midnight, Siao's granny came and knocked on my door. I opened the door and the granny said Siao was in local police station and asked me to accompany her to get Siao out.

With still sleepy eyes, I managed to grab hold of my car key and sped towards the police station with his granny.

At the police station, the police sergeant told us that Siao was detained because he refused to stop at police check point. Instead, he continued to cycle as fast as he could until a few police officers stopped him by force.

Since Siao continue to yelled out 'hantu' (ghosts) and ignored any questions asked by the police officers, they decided to search Siao's body and finally found his house number. 

The police has not decided to press charges as they agreed that Siao has some sort of mental problems. The reason Siao's granny is contacted is that the policemen wanted to know why Siao ran away on seeing police blockage.

At this point, Siao saw his granny. He yelled out: "Ah mah, I didn't stop! They dragged me down from my bicycle... They are all ghosts!!"

After some explanations, the sergeant was satisfied that Siao was somehow insane and decided to let him go home.

Due to curiosity, I asked the sergeant if I should stop in an isolated place when stopped by strangers. The sergeant shrugged in slightly helpless manner: "Legally speaking, you can ask for identification or follow the person to the police station. In real life, if the person is a robber; you will have very few chances to escape in the dark. The best is still: Don't go out at wee hours... follow the granny's advice."

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