Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Intelligence Body Over Mind Matters (智慧体比思想物)

Conjuration is a complex and yet multi disciplinary exercise although common folks cannot see the value of conjuration especially the subsequent invisible product of the conjuration. 

The aim of conjuration is to call up a spirit so as to satisfy a magician's wish generally speaking. Of course with a condition that a powerful spirit must first be summoned and there are two problems associated with this: 

  1. Intelligence body vs mind work
  2. The quality of the spirit
I would only touch item one at this point.

There are three possibilities following a conjuration:

  1. Nothing happens
  2. An intelligence is present
  3. Result of our active imagination
Nothing happens

It is very normal that nothing will happen after a conjuration is made. This is particularly true for those folks that fall under the 'doer' group. This group of people do not have too much imagination or spiritual connectivity. This is not a bad thing as they are normally fast learner and a 'doer' is a quick learner so they normally do well in this mundane world.

An intelligence body

In some occasion, an intelligence is presence during or after a conjuration process. Common sign would be the magician will see white shadow moving across his/her vision, or he/she may also hear very high pitched voice and in some instances, the person will feel headache, hot or even cold. A more common scenario is that the magician will be visited by an entity during his/her dream. 

When the first time the magician sees the spirit he/she conjured, ask it to change in size or shape. If the entity remains as it is without any shape shift; then this is an intelligent body.

Our active imagination

Our mind is notorious for making up things especially in the dark and when the environment is quiet. This can also happen when we are too zealous in anticipating a fast result. There are ways to test if an entity is the result of our over vivid mind:

  1. If the entity can change in size or shape after being requested, then it is the product of our thought form.
  2. If we can converse with the entity and get immediate responses, then the entity is likely to be our thought forms either.
The dangers of these forms of mind games:

  1. We are likely to be out of sync to the outside world and likely feel depressed over time as our thought forms can only paint a beautiful picture contrary to the real situation.
  2. Even our mind created thought form will function up to certain extend over time. This makes the differentiation between an intelligence and thought form difficult.
In short, conjuration is an exercise to connect our mind to the other space and dimensions. It is quite safe so long as we are not defeated by our own mind first. Rest assure that those intelligent entities cannot stay in our mundane world for if they can; we are already besieged by demons and goblins by now.

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