Thursday, August 30, 2018

Making Friends In Foreign Place (外地交朋友)

I have no doubts that everyone will experience some degree of helplessness when moving to a foreign location for the first time. Some people can mingle well with local community reasonably fast while others remain isolated from the community.

The main root cause for this discomfort is mainly due to personal character of course, but it may also be that the person's aura or 'vibration' has not synchronized with the local energy field yet.

When we already settled in a location for a long time, then there are bound to be many spiritual entities attached to our aura. These entities normally stays at the outer rim or our aura at first and some will eventually fall off or transferred to other person's aura through aura contacts. A small amount will gradually moved into our aura and attached onto our internal organs. The most favorite place for an entity within our body is our kidneys.

A human's aura would normally extend 1 foot to 3 feet beyond his/her body. So, entities can move from a person to another even when we are walking among the crowds.

Once we have accumulated many earthbound entities and coupled with location specific behaviors; we will be treated as 'locals'. So people will ask you: "Are you locals?"

If after staying in a place for decades and suddenly we are forced to move to a new place, then we will bring along our localized aura and characters to a new place. Naturally there will be a culture shock physically, mentally or spiritually.

Physical and mental culture shocks are obvious: different food and beverages, different climates, different races, languages, different religions, customs etc. 

Spiritual culture means that the entity within us may or may not like their new home. Hence, when we brush shoulders with strangers in a foreign place and if the entities within us are attracted to the entities within the strangers; then he/she will greet us with a warm smile or possibly started to chat. 

On the other hand, if entities within both parties do not agree with each other, then we would either be ignored or being treated rudely. 

Whether this is a psychological problem or spiritual, it is no harm to perform some simple rituals first to appease some local earthbound spirits so that our stay can be more welcoming.

The methods for short stay and longer stay are quite different:

For short stay:

If we are going on an assignment for say 1 month or so, then the rituals can be fairly simple. If there are local Taoist or Buddhist shrines, then we could just drop by and burn a incense and make some kind of offerings.

However, in places where idol worships are not allowed, it is suffice to drop a small piece of biscuit under a tree as a good gesture.

If the condition is allowed, then a simple smoke offering is the best. In the simplest form, we can burn a piece of cigarette or cigar and place some crushed biscuit in the cigarette flame. A small quantity of smoke can already satisfy whatever spirits dwelling in that area.

Such ritual only need to be done once, i.e. on the day of arrival. Best twice, another time before we leave.

I have a friend who always like to test me. Once I visited him and he let me stay in a vacated house for a few days. I performed the smoke offering ritual on the first night of my stay and nothing happened until the day I left.

Before I left, my pal suddenly asked me if I noticed anything strange during the past few days; I gave him a blank stare and asked: "Why did you ask?"

Finally, this no good pal of mine said: "The place you stayed is known to be haunted. Whoever stayed in that house will feel severe headache and experience hag ride at night. I am just surprised the ghosts didn't seem to bother you..."

Of course, I didn't tell him about the smoke offering I made.

For long stay:

If we are to stay for a lengthy period of time or even permanently, then it is best to perform a fire ritual (homa) once during move in. Of course, a human 'house warming' is also good to invite our neighbors but it is not necessary in our modern society.

As a routine, smoke offerings should also be done. Other offerings can also be made according to situations. For example, water offering is another alternative if burning is prohibited.

The benefits:

By hiding inside our house do not automatically enable us to have a lot of friends. My traveled a lot and by making simple offerings, I could always find a helping hand on time in the most desperate situation and environment. So, don't belittle a simple ritual for it may save your life one day.

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