Monday, August 27, 2018

Fat Ghost In Graveyard (坟场里的胖鬼)

A gigantic size 'unknown object' suddenly jumped in front of my motorcycle...

For a very long time I was engrossed in Maoshan ghost magic and I would spend my sleepless nights in whatever graveyards reachable to perform conjurations. Most of the time I could see white shadows passing in front of me perhaps due to my magical power perhaps...

Once I again went to an isolated Chinese cemetery in Kamunting to conjure a recently dead soul in the dead of the night. I must hurry or else other sorcerers might be there first to harvest this 'precious commodity' so said.

The said graveyard is located on a slope beside a small muddy path which is still unassailable by cars. So I had to resort to go with my motorcycle.

When I reached my destination, it took me quite sometime to locate the new tomb and there was already some residuals of half burnt joss paper and incense. I was a little disappointed that I was not the first one to be there. Hopefully this precious 'commodity' would still be there. Without delaying, I laid out my food offerings and start burning incense and candles.

Once settled down, I recited mantra in front of the new grave to call out the dead soul. While I was chanting, I felt a cold breeze blew towards me and then there was a voice of a woman calling: "Boy..."

I opened my eyes and saw a big figure in black rose from the back of the grave... I thought: "WOW! This must be the devil himself and it is coming to get me..."

Instinctively, I dropped everything and rushed head on toward my old bike; jumped on it and sped off down the slope...

The fat creature seemed to be faster, it suddenly jumped into my way and I felt a force forced my bike handle to sway and that caused me to panic and my bike rammed into a ditch by the roadside...

When I climbed out from the ditch, the gigantic creature in black already standing in front of me... I took out my torchlight and shone at it...

"Wah lau! Don't scare me like that le aunty! People scares people cannot be cured one lor! What are you doing here in the middle of the night? And why are you blocking my way?"

I instantly recognize it was indeed my neighbor, Mary. Mary is a hawker selling noodles in local morning market. 

Mary gave me an apologetic smile and said: "Sorry brother, I just did what you did... asking for lucky numbers. My bike couldn't start, I saw some one approaching and thought some bad guy so I hid behind the grave... When I saw it is you, I want to reach you but you ran away. If I don't stop you, I cannot return home tonight... Can you give me a ride?"

"Pull me and my bike out of this damn ditch first aunty!" I yelled out from the bottom of my lung.

Luckily my bike was not damaged and we returned home. Since then we had a mutual agreement: Mary won't talk and I also won't talk about this incident. We would just say: "Ha! Ha! What a wonderful morning!"

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