Saturday, August 18, 2018

I Am Waiting For Money (我等钱用)

Today, I visited Jessica, who is a Christian friend of mine because she wanted lend me her bible. When she passed the holy book, she told me her bizarre encounter that night and asked for my opinion.

This is her story:

Jessica is a member of local Church choir and her choir group has regular choir practices from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. every Thursday night. 

As usual, Jessica attended her choir activity last Thursday night in her church until way past 9 o'clock. 

At first, Jessica waited on a bench outside of the church to wait for her dad to fetch her but her dad was late that night. 

Feeling thirsty, Jessica walked to a 24 hour convenience stall to get some drinks. She was wearing her choir attire which is a sort of white gown. It was not only after Jessica had her drinks that she realized she had left her wallet in her dad's car.

With somewhat embarrassment, Jess apologized to the cashier and promised the cashier that she will pay for her drinks once her dad come and fetch her. Luckily the cashier didn't mind so much and allowed Jessica to wait for her dad to come.

Feeling bored, Jess decided to wait outside of the convenience stall for her dad. She just didn't want to see the cashier face to face while waiting.

There were some old grandmas and aunties burning some incense and  'hell notes' for the wandering spirits as the current month is Chinese's ghost month. It is believed that the door of hell opens during ghost months so that the ghosts can have a 'vacation'.

Feeling curious of the old ladies' actions as Jessica spent most of her education in the West, she stopped by a busy granny and asked: "What are you doing granny?"

The granny didn't bother to turn her back and while continued to burn those hell notes, she said: "Hai ya, young lady; you don't understand. This month is ghost month. Many ghosts are out in our world. They are waiting for humankind to give them some money to spend..."

Naively Jessica said: "Me too! I am also waiting for my money..."

The grandma turned her back and immediately saw a young lady wearing white with half of her face covered by long hair stood behind her... Grandma shouted: "O Mi To Fo! (Amitabah Buddha), ghost! help me... I will give you more money next time!"

Without saying second word, the grandma immediately stood up and ran away.

Feeling astonished and shocked with the seemingly rude reaction, Jessica raised her voice: "What is wrong with me waiting for my dad to give me some money!?"

As soon as Jessica finished, all other aunties in the vicinity also ran off as quickly as possible.

Suddenly the street became dead silent leaving those burning candles, incenses and debris of hell notes. And some slippers...

After Jessica finished her story, I looked at her and laughed. Then I pointed my finger to now more confused young lady and said: "I don't blame those old ladies, me too would treat you as a wandering lady ghost wanting money that night! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

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