Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Spiritual Entities Vs Other Issues (灵体或其他问题)

I am not the expert but after dealing with spirits for years I do have accumulated some know how on differences between distinguishing real entities and mental issues or hallucinations. 

The reason I share my knowledge here is that unfortunately speaking, when people have problems at first and they consulted a psychologist but only to receive the answer: "You are only stressed up! No problems."

Unsatisfied with the answers from psychologist as peoples' problems seemed to persist, they turned to spirit mediums and the answer is always unanimously: "You are possessed by not only one ghost, but many!!"

The educated you must have guessed what problems arose from the later: a lady would probably be molested, raped, got a divorce, family issues, losing money due to unnecessary exorcism rituals ... etc.

I am not exaggerating as those incidents had been reported in news and will continue to be reported so long as people are ignorant of what really troubled them.

For the ease of discussion, I will put the real entity and mental, drugs and behavorial into two topics:

First the spirit entities:

  1. Spirit entities normally stay in their own dimensions and seldom come into contact with our physical world. Only those newly deceased spirits would linger in this physical world until they see the light and move on to the other world. This is the reason why we could still feel the presence of our loved ones right after they have passed away. They presence would fade over the years slowly.
  2. Newly deceased spirits need to feed on energy to keep their vitality. The most likely way is that a new ghost will possess the outer rim of its relatives to survive. This explains why some sensitive folks feel someone is keeping an eye on them.
  3. With the human host as the sole energy source, there is no reason to ask a 'food source' to commit suicide or to die.
  4. Spirits of higher realms wouldn't bother to stay in our filthy physical world. So, they would just come and go very briefly; in the matter of seconds.
  5. Spirits of lower realms seek food offerings and shelter. We constantly dream of spirits approached us in our dreams for food offerings or requesting a 'house'. The 'datuk' spirit shrine can be found in abundance across Malaysia is just an example. So, they do not ask people to die too.
  6. Although it is true that spirit entities may affect our health when they stayed a little too long in our body. Still, they do not ask people to die.
  7. We may hear voices but voices of inferior spirits tend to be inaudible either high pitched or low pitched sounds. In this case, no one understands what they say.
  8. Spirit of higher order only speaks briefly such as: "Cannot do!", "Yes.", "No" or "Go". They will not nag beside our ears consistently and constantly.

Basically what is opposite to the above is not the doing of spirits.

Mental disorders and drugs:

  1. Mental disorders can cause hallucinations or hearing things. People can chop down another's head just because 'a voice' ask them to.
  2. Mental depression suffers can also act abruptly and in unexpected situation. For example: My friend's mom suddenly jumped down from her 2nd floor apartment for no apparent reasons.
  3. Drugs especially ecstasy pills can cause a person to be not his/her normal self.
  4. Alcohols can be a cause uncontrolled behavior.
  5. Impulsive behaviors such when a person is extremely furious, he/she too will act as if being possessed by a demon.

Unfortunately speaking, there is no research and efficient and a legal way to diagnose if a person is having a mental issue or a real spiritual issue at the moment.

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