Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Acquisition of Intelligence and Knowledge

There are two types of wisdom and knowledge: The spiritual and the worldly. First let us look into the spiritual knowledge that can be obtained through various methods:
·         By the book/kitab:
o   The Al-Quran
o   The works of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailaini
·         By oral instructions:
o   Meditate in front of Saint’s tomb and perform dzkir so as to get inspirations and instructions
o   Perform ritual and dzkir to meet one of the prophets, angels or saints
o   Perform meditation in cave, jungle or holy places to acquire a khodam, spirit helper or any spirits
By The Teaching of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailaini
1.      Perform inner purification
a.       Recite “la ilaha illa llah” or ‘there is no god but Allah’
b.      Keep remembering Allah until the whole inner being is purified and cleansed of everything else but Him.
2.      Wrap yourself in the light of the holy spirit, transforming your material shape into the inner essence (light), inwardly reciting “ALLAH HU”
3.      Understand that “there is no god but He, who is One and who has no partners” and recite the following:
                                                  i.      “HAQQ” – The Truth, the name of the light of Allah’s Essence
                                                ii.      “HAYY” – The divine life, eternal, from which all temporal life derives
                                              iii.      “QAYYUM” – The self-existing one upon whom all existence depends
                                              iv.      “QAHHAR” -  He who overwhelms all, the All-compeller
b.      Now, with the power of the name, the self and selfishness are sacrificed and the veils of disbelief are blown away and the gates of the sacred secret fly open.
4.      Recite “WAHHAB” – The door of all, without limits, without conditions. He enters the sacred area of the Essence.
5.      Recite “FATTAH” – The opener of all that is closed.
6.      Recite “WAHID” – Allah the One who has no equal, none like Him.
7.      Recite “SAMAD” – The source. Now he sees the beginning of this inexhaustible treasure. It is a sight without form or shape, resembling nothing.
8.      Recite “AHAD” – The unique One, the only One. Now that you are ‘home’, stay in this state of ecstasy for as long as you can.
The Practice to Meet Prophet Khidr A.S. Prophet Khidr Alayhi Sallam is a descendant of Nabiyulloh Noah, his original name is Abil Abbas Balya bin Malkan bin Falekh bin Ghabir bin Saleh bin Arfasad bin Sam bin Nuh as.
No one knows location of Prophet Khidr’s tomb, because only the mighty Allah alone knows the Unseen, he has mastered a variety of wisdom and key to magic. You can still contact Prophet Kidir if you want. There are 2 ways to meet the Prophet Khidr:
1.       When you'd love to see or be seen by the Prophet Khidr AS, then do the following
a.        Sit on the banks of the river or sea at night for 40 (forty) nights, and every night read asthma below 100 (one hundred) times to ask God's help: “Yaa Lathiifan Bikholqihi, Wayaa aaliman bikholqihii, Wayaa khobiiron bikholqihi ulthuf bii” It means: "O God of infinite tenderness towards his servants, O God who is most aware of his servants, O God who is most aware of his servants, Protect me."
b.       If God is willing, you will be met by the Prophet Khidr AS, and convey your wishes.
c.         One characteristic of this his thumbs are soft and boneless, Well, this can you know when you shake hands with him. So shake his hands once he appear to you.
2.       The second way to see / meet with the Prophet Khidr is by reading the prayer below:
a.       “Bismillahil amaan al amaan, Yaa hanaanul amaan al amaan, Yaa manaan ulamaan al amaan, Yaa dayaanulamaan al amaan, Yaa subhanul amaan al amaan, Yaa burhaanul amaan al amaan, min fitnatiz zamaani wa jafaa il ikhwani wa syarrish syaithon wa zulmis sulthon bi fadhlika ya rohiim ya rohman ya zul jalaali wal ikroom,Wa sallallahu ala khairi khalqi hi muhammadin wa alihi wa as haabi hii ajmaiin bi rahmatika ya arhamar rahimiin.”
3.       Method:
a.       When you go to bed you perform ablutions beforehand, read the prayer, then go to sleep and do not speak at all to anyone.
b.       Sleep on the right side of your body and position your head to the North and your feet to the south, as if the people who want to be buried.
c.        Now to read:
                                                               i.      Alloohumma sholli alaa Sayyidina Muhammad, wa alaa ali muhammad sayyidinaa 11 times.
                                                              ii.      Recite above prayer 15 times.
                                                            iii.      Closed by reading shelawat again: Alloohumma sholli sayyidinaa alaa muhammad wa alaa ali muhammad sayyidinaa 11x.
If the God is willing, you will meet Prophet Khidir AS in your dreams.
Good luck :-)


  1. That's fantastic. Looking forward into seeing more great secrets. Thanks. God Bless you!

    Mohammed Bashiru