Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Spirit of a Kid - Toyol (鬼仔)

A Toyal is an infamous character in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and Thailand folk lore. It is said that Toyol can be found in deep forest, hills, cemeteries, and places that are dark, quiet and far from public.

This creature can be evoked to work with human under its own terms. There are different versions on the method to possess a Toyol:

1. Purchase a Toyol from a black magician that is produced from human fetus.

2. Making use of an aborted baby and through special embalmment techniques.

3. Evoke a Toyol from its dwelling place.

A Toyol is as if a child, so it needs to be treated as such. In order to foster a closer relationship with this creature, below offering should be presented:

1. A cup of milk every morning.

2. Some toys, clothing, sweets and biscuits.

3. A black candle and incense accompanied with mantras.

4. Some will smear a few drops the owner’s own blood to the Toyol statue.

If a Toyol is not worshiped properly, it may harm its master, bringing bad luck and causing ill health; even insanity.

The purpose of securing a Toyol according to local folks is only for obtaining quick cash, to induce fear and to destroy enemies.

Below is a Al-Hikmah way of conjuring a troop of Toyols and their King:

1. Conduct a prayer to divine expressing your intention for invoking the Toyos.

2. Recite the following mantra for 313x:-

a. “Qolu subhanaka la ngil malana illa ma alam tana inaka antal ‘alimul hakim.”

3. Remain in silence after the prayer and wait for the Toyos to appear.

4. If you are not successful on the first night, repeat on the next.

A close cousin of Toyol is Kumantong popular in Thailand; with various forms.


  1. I stumbled upon because of reading an article in Yahoo News about "Orang Bunian". Interesting.

  2. Greetings from the Republic of Mali...
    Thanks for the infos...
    What is thhe difference betwen the statuut and the spirit Toyot...
    Are they like SAMIRIU