Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something about Susuk

The culture of wearing susuk is very popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
Some religions put a prohibition on the use of susuk. It is said that the power of susuk is from jinni and against religious value. Susuk was once exclusively used by prince, princes and nobles to increase their influences and personal charms. In old days, the practice of susuk is very secretive.

“To wear a susuk” means to insert a foreign material into the body with the intention of obtaining certain magical power. Various materials can be used, much depended upon the person’s wish. There are prohibitions that the Susuk wearer needs to abide such as he/she is prohibited to eat certain types of banana, fruits, cannot go under place where clothes are being hanged etc.

Common types of susuk are:
·         Gold
·         Silver
·         Diamond
·         Pearl
·         Etc.

·         To make a person more beautiful, braver, lovely, sweet etc.
·         To function as with all other talismans; but with the ease of not having to carry it.
·         To improve husband and wife relationships.
·         To overcome personal short comings.

Methods of wearing a susuk:
·         Inject directly into body
·         Consume by swallowing
·         Through mystical means

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