Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Secrets of Grave Dirt

Dirt from a grave is mainly used in black magic applications. All of the magic traditions will have some sort of applications that calls for the use of grave dirt:

1. In Mao Shan magic, grave dirt is used to attract spirits. The dirt is collected according to desired timing and empowered through rituals. Then, this dirt is thrown into the compound of intended victims. This will cause the victim to be haunted by ghosts and bad luck.

2. A Thai Achan/Master will make use dirt from graves or graveyards to create figurine of Kumantong or so called baby ghosts.

The most sought after grave dirt by local black magician is from the victims killed by thunder. For if you have only to take a pile of the dirt and spread around the house or the shop of the person; this will case the person’s family to have no peace or his/her business losing money. Please do not try it unless your life is in danger or with a valid reason. For if the intended person is more expert than you, and then he/she can repel all your doings back to you.

Finally, please do not do this to your boss ;-)

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