Friday, September 10, 2010

Generation of “Tenaga Dalam”

“Tenaga Dalam” or psychic energy can be generated with the practice of dzkir and breathing exercises. There are many techniques, but below is a more popular one:

1. Sit cross leg or on a chair with spine straight.

2. Inhale slowly while reciting “laillahaillallah”, hold your breadth as long as you can and exhale slowly while reciting “Muhammaddarrasullullah”. Repeat for 25x.

3. Repeat the breathing exercise but mentally recite “Allah” on the inhale and “Hu” on the exhale. Repeat for 33x.

4. Finally recite “Allah” over and over while inhale, hold and exhale. Focus on your heart centre. Feel the energy growing.

5. Keep in meditation mode after you have completed the dzkir, feel the power before you start other activities.

If you practice this exercise constantly, not only you will have a peace of mind, but you will be protected from general harm and disaster by Angel Kahyalin. Who is Angel Kahyalin? Let’s pay Him a visit in my next blog.

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